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The Essence Of Physical Activity To Our Health--Part One

By Clifford Ladzekpo (MPH) - Total Body Repair, Impact360 International
The Essence Of Physical Activity To Our Health--Part One
LISTEN JUL 3, 2018

Clifford Ladzekpo (MPH) - Total Body Repair, Impact360 International Physical activity (exercise) in general is essential to obtaining good health. However, persons who engage in physical exercise need to be measured; and should not exceed

the threshold their body or health can take.
Physical exercise is key to promoting cardiovascular health and preventing cardio-

vascular diseases.
Many scientific studies indicate that there is an association between physical inactivity and increased susceptibility to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Persons living with hypertension need to combine healthy eating (high fibre and

potassium rich foods) and regular exercise to beat the disease. However, it is important

to begin with low impact cardio exercises (walking, dancing etc) and gradually build the

heart muscle and stamina before proceeding to high impact cardio exercises (jogging,

skipping, steps etc) under the supervision of a qualified physical exercise instructor.

Age and physical activity require critical consideration on the part of those seeking to

engage in physical exercise and those facilitating as consultants or instructors to

determine the level (kind) of exercise and the duration.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) 2010 recommendation on the intensity (level) of

physical activity per week in relation to age stipulates as follows: ages 5-17yrs minimum

of 60 minutes, ages 18-64 moderate 150mins, high intensity 75 minutes and those

above 64yrs should have same intensity levels and duration, but with particular attention

to the type of exercises in order to enhance balance and prevent casualty.

In addition to the above, ensure intermittent breaks during workout sessions.

Drink water (not cold) when necessary, particularly during 5-10 minutes breaks in

between exercise.
Stop when you experience lightheadedness; in order to inhale and exhale, do not

continue till you begin to experience dizziness.
Check your blood pressure level before engaging in any in physical exercise.

Use heart rate monitoring device that you can easily attached to your body (arm, wrist,

chest etc) when engaged in physical exercise.
Get clearance from your Physician; and passed wellness assessment before engaging

in any physical exercise program (schedule).
There is certainly no doubt that physical exercise is essential to promoting

cardiovascular health and preventing cardiovascular diseases. Notwithstanding this fact,

physical exercise should be done efficiently and effectively by engaging a qualified professional.

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