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13 September 2017 | General News

Baby Blanche's 'No-Panties Initiative' Senseless - Mama Zimbi

Hitz FM | Nana Qwame Larbi
Baby Blanche's 'No-Panties Initiative' Senseless - Mama Zimbi

Renowned Radio and TV personality and sex educator, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, has registered her displeasure at an initative by actress Baby Blanche which aims at discouraging women from wear panties.

According to the radio presenter, the campaign - dubbed ‘Operation Remove Your Panties’ - by the actress does not make sense.

Baby Blanche launched the campaign to stop ladies from wearing panties last weekend and she explained that it is targeted at helping save the lives of women.

The founder of Blanche Foundation noted that the campaign is advising young ladies to refrain from wearing panties since they play a major role in the cause of infections – like Candida - in the female genital organ.

She told Nana Qwame Larbi of Hitz FM, that, “the whole initiative is to help ladies free themselves from infections which most ladies suffer as a result of wearing panties. I have practiced it and it has helped me. I also want to impact this same practice onto others. I can't preach about going ‘pantyless’ and contradict myself by wearing them. I am not wearing Panties as I speak to you.”

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Akumaa Mama Zimbi, who hosts ‘Odo Ahomaso’, has been campaigning against sex before marriage advising all young ladies never to allow men who are not willing to pay their bride price, to have sex with them for free.

She launched the ‘Wear Your Dross Now’ campaign two years ago to trumpet the initiative.

But speaking to Nana Qwame Larbi of Hitz FM, she condemned Baby's initiative stating that she does not really understand the health implications of what she is urging women to do.

“Wear your Dross! Does she know the health implications of what she is saying?

“How can you live without wearing your dross? Even doctors advise women to wear cotton panties. So, I don't understand her if she says we should not wear panties. I strongly disagree,” the presenter added.