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Covid19 Diaries: How are you managing, Episode 1

Covid19 Diaries: How are you managing, Episode 1
LISTEN APR 14, 2020

EPISODE 1; how are you managing?

…January 2019, Sarah thought to herself, if only I had a lot of time, I would start building the empire I wish to own. Hypothetically speaking, she is just a young lady who is trying to get her life sorted out. Entangled in the stress of academics and work, Sarah presumes ‘time is not on her side’ as she cannot really do the things she loves.

Today in March 2020, what am I doing?

In the last few months; the rise of this pandemic, the use of social media has taken a serious toll on individuals everywhere. Google has received millions of searches and Tiktok has been one of the most downloaded apps in this decade and the most circulating trend is virtual technology. For sure, one light we see in this pandemic is ‘virtual technology is the leading innovator in this century’ as many institutions including churches have resorted to this.

Glad to have you read this, the terror in this technology shows how less beneficial you will be if you are negligent about this trend. I mean, if you are not able to do anything during this lockdown period, it means you are way behind technology. The pandemic reveals something fascinating, what am I worth after school, or job or my daily routine? It means, what can I achieve on my own if there is nowhere to turn to? What you are currently doing in this lockdown period shows your area of interest. Is it profitable or meaningful?

All the time you ever imagined to have is all at your disposal, the person you may become, wish to become or try never to become is all duly on what you are doing now. In my next episode of covid19 diaries, I will be revealing some interesting theories and tell you what you need to do.

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