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What Do You Want To Do?

What Do You Want To Do?
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One of the frequent questions asked, straight from childhood to date is "what do you aspire to be in future or what do you want to become in future?. While this is captivating, it's fascinating to know the different replies given. For me, while growing, I wanted to be doctor. The desire didn't last long when I became disgusted at the sight of blood. Let me go for a bank manager or accountant I suggested, their style of dressing, suited their personality and that got me. Fast forward to present age, I am no where in the business area, in fact, I aspire to be an environmental scientist, with the backing of an entrepreneur in mind.

What am I driving at? Do we blame evolution, nature, family or the country for what we have not become? Situations every day interferes with the future. What you want to become now should not be determined by what you are now. I would describe humans into three categories, those who know what to become, those who are confused of what to become and those who have become what they wanted. The world is a big place of talented individuals revolving around confused and challenging situations. Many people are not satisfied with their current condition, others are not bothered by what is happening, still others are striving to be the best they can be? What do you want to do? Who are you now? And what do you want to become?

"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a reason". Are you sure of what you want to do or are you living someone's dream? Don't aspire to do what someone does but aspire to become greater. Your future is a sum total of what you do everyday. What you want to do in future is dependent on what you are doing now. Bill Gates didn't become a millionaire by just imagining it. No, he became by working towards it. Working hard and harder.

We all want to be great and rich, however, only few want to bear the bruises, to suffer for it. It is good to dream big but even terrible to keep dreaming without acting. Your vision without pursuit is meaningless. It's dangerous to not know what you want to do. Time has been given to us to unleash our purpose. Discover it and go for it.

So then, I ask myself, what do I want to do?
"Check out your uniqueness and find out what differentiates you from the billions of people who inhabit this planet. Then pursue your aspiration deliberately and consistently. Don't let anyone prevent you from becoming and doing all that you were born to be and do". ~ Myles Munroe.

Written by; Janet Akorfa
Student, KNUST.
[email protected]
+233 574402178

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