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Move On, Let Go, Break Free

Move On, Let Go, Break Free
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Ever been in a relationship? Did you think your partner was going to be life lasting? Did you imagine a jazzy future, a wonderful family? Or did you get a premonition things wouldn't work out between you two? What's your current situation?

It was beautiful with him, everything was perfect. We dreamed big and planned great. I knew everyday he was the one for me. He's the one, I told everyone. Like a lullaby, I sung daily to him with the lyrics of how much I loved him. I thought we were going to be forever. Then..., out of the blue, it went wrong. We started losing our communication ( this, is the first step in losing your relationship), he wasn't calling anymore. I tried to make things work. Instead it got worse.

It's no longer a relationship, not even a friendship. I was pertubed when he announced his intentions, " I'm no longer interested in you, I'm tired of the relationship". My world, you can imagine, came crushing down. It's like his voices keep playing on repeat at the back of my head. I'd grown comfortable with the presence of loneliness and depression that my conscience was calloused. And I couldn't tell anyone because I was too scared of what they might say. I spent my everyday begging and crying. That feeling of asking him to come back but only to get silence in return. The doctors gave me medication, my pastor said pray. I tried both and this depression and pain hasn't gotten away.

Probably the most intimidating was I had spent most of my time with him, I failed to give other's the opportunity of extending a friendship. And now that he was no more in my life, that void and loneliness filled me like breathe. I was scared of walking alone, laughing alone that I failed to recognize the truth from the fact. The fact is, yes He broke up with me but the truth is He didn't break me into pieces. And then yeah, it struck me.

Wait! While I'm wasting time crying and doing nothing, what's he doing? Probably going on with his activities like nothing happen. That thought, whether divine, hit me hard and became my breakthrough. You can't be with someone substandard. He's either got to be like you or better. You deserve someone more. Not someone who acknowledges your strengths, but one who accepts your weaknesses. Not one to be excited with all day, but one who brings excitement in your sorrow. It's time for me to move on, to let go and break free. There are millions of his type out there, but there's one who will locate you with undefined coordinates, a finite being with an infinite talent and capabilities.

Man in his primitive nature can stoop so low and allow people trample over them. Your failure to recognize the "Beautiful You" can be the beginning of your miserable life. Stop being circumspect about the pain you are enduring. There are thousands out there who want to help you. Challenge your emotions. Trust me, you're going to move on.

Having considered all these, I decided to engage in my hobbies. Understand that, You can move on and find someone better. Yes it hurts, but you can mend your broken heart. Get up. Stop your weeping, get out of that feeling. You are beautiful. You have a lot to offer life. Do something worthwhile.

I know one day, I'm going to look at him with no feelings. And so are you. You gonna get that transforming life partner, look at your "ex" and say.. "Wow, that was excellent choice you made back then"

Move on, let go and break free.
Written by; Janet Akorfa
Student, KNUST
[email protected]
+233 574402178

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