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Open Letter To All Ghanaians - II

Open Letter To All Ghanaians - II
LISTEN MAR 19, 2020

Kindly permit me to remind all Ghanaians and also bring to the notice of those who do not know that, our constitution gives us the right to go on peaceful demonstration to express our disappointment, frustration, unhappiness etc. on anything that we do not like about what is happening in Ghana or anything that the ruling government is doing that we do not like as citizens.

The question that one may ask is: what is public demonstration? It is a very effective tool that can be used to resist and subdue the oppressor, who wants to inflict exploitation, abject poverty, slavery and misery on the masses.

If we want to liberate ourselves from the oppressor, then we have to hold public demonstration at a very high esteem.

Majority of Ghanaians are not politically conscious, hence, they do not know the usefulness of public demonstration.

Therefore, there is the need to educate Ghanaians on the importance of public demonstration.

In view of the said importance, and the fact that Unity is Strength, I would like to appeal to all our Civil Society Organizations to come together to form National Coalition for putting the ruling government on its toes, to use Ghana's money, in a way that will enable all Ghanaians to have access to at least the basic necessities of life.

Unfortunately, all our public institutions have been infiltrated with partisan politics in such a way that, they are not able to do their work to benefit all Ghanaians. Hence, the need for the Civil Society Organizations to come to the rescue of the masses to help liberate them from exploitation, abject poverty, slavery and misery.

The CSO, should do everything possible to make such that they are independent of the ruling government, and that they do not allow anybody to infiltrate their ranks with partisan politics, and this will enable them to do their best in protecting the citizenry from vampires.

I would like to suggest the following to the CSO:

1. Do well to establish a foundation to support your work. And here, appeal to every Ghanaian everywhere and anywhere to contribute financially towards the protection of Ghana's purse and the national cake from excessive selfishness and greediness.

2. Do well to have offices in all the district capitals to enable you coordinate and collate your activities.

3. Set up information centres as many as possible in the whole country, to enable you call the citizens for positive action against any policy of the ruling government that will not serve the interest of all Ghanaians.

4. Do well to use the information centres to educate the citizens on their rights and responsibilities, as well as the benefits of peaceful public demonstration against bad moves and policies of government in power.

5. Do well to campaign for legislation that will compel the ruling government to account for every pesewa that it received on behalf of Ghanaians.

The said accounts should have the approval of the Auditor General before it is presented to Parliament and the general public.

7. The ruling government should present the said accounts, six( 6 ) months before the general election, to enable the citizenry to access the performance of the ruling government before they go to vote to choose their President and Member of Parliament.

8. The CSO should do well to explain to the citizenry, how the ruling government has used their monies, so that they can make an informed choices when they go to vote.

The CSO should move heaven and earth to make sure that any political leader, who, out of excessive greediness and selfishness, deprives the citizens of their fair share of the national cake, is prosecuted without unnecessary delays.

10. The CSO should do well to engage in any decent income generating business to support their rescue mission, so as not to fall into the hands of politicians, who might want to take advantage of them.

11. Ghanaians should not wait for 4 years before they through away a very oppressive ruling government. If not, by the time we get to the 4th year, majority of us would have died of exploitation, abject poverty, slavery and misery.

Any ruling government that is not willing to give us a fair share of the national cake, or only interested in our money and not the well being of the citizenry, should be asked to resign through a national public demonstration, organized by the National Coalition for protecting Ghana's purse.

The oppressive ruling government can be asked to resign in its 2nd or 3rd year in office. We need to be serious in Ghana so that those who are actively involved in politics, do not take Ghana for a ride again.


Rev. Fr. James Ignatius Yaw Amponsah

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