12.10.2021 Feature Article

Let's tackle the root cause of why some of our Ghanaian Youth are engaging in LGBTQ activities

Let's tackle the root cause of why some of our Ghanaian Youth are engaging in LGBTQ activities
12.10.2021 LISTEN

Please, as Ghanaians, let's do everything positive and humanely, to tackle the root cause of why in Ghana, some of our Youth are engaging in LGBTQ activities.

Let's learn to be proactive and not reactive all the time. I am very sure that if our political leaders, had not chosen the path of poverty after the overthrow of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, no Ghanaian Youth, will ever engage in LGBTQ activities.

A Ruling Government, on behalf of Ghanaians, has contracted a loan of about GH 300 billion, within five years yet, majority of Ghanaians do not know exactly, what it has done with the loans and unfortunately, everybody in Ghana, is scared to the bone, to demand statement of accounts of what the loans have been used for. We are only talking and gossiping about the loans.

Anytime the Auditor General exposes excessive embezzlement of state funds, nobody takes his report serious, and nobody acts on the damming report.

If indeed, this is how we want to manage Ghana, how can Ghana ever be like Dubai? How can Ghana ever become an advanced country?

As citizens of Ghana, don't we know that our inability to ask the Ruling Government, to account for what it has done with the loans it has contracted on behalf of Ghanaians, can create a cycle of abject poverty and slavery, that can force our 15 and 16 years old, to kill their friends for money, because they think they have to eat and survive?

Don't we think the said abject poverty and slavery, can force our poor Youth to engage in LGBTQ activities and armed robbery, in order to survive? Activities that under normal circumstances, some of our Ghanaian Youth would not have engaged in.

I am very sure that Ghanaians, who are into LGBTQ activities, know very well that their LGBTQ activities are completely abnormal, as far as our faith in God and our traditional values are concerned. But unfortunately, they have been trapped into the said activities.

I think those of us, who have not been trapped into the LGBTQ mess, should do well to empathize with those, who find themselves in the said abnormalities and do everything positive and humanely, to bring them to normality and not to dehumanize them.

Threatening them with beatings and condemning them to death is nothing else, but SAVAGISM, as far as God's compassion, that has come to us through our Lord Jesus Christ, is concerned.

I think anyone, who has the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ, will never push for the imprisonment of people caught in LGBTQ activities, but will rather embrace them, help them know the terrible consequences of the LGBTQ+ activities and also help them seek for assistance to over come their unfortunate situation.

Disgracing, hating and insulting LGBTQ people, is never the wise way to go, because it amounts to demonstrating our own inner CRUELTY.

At best, any body caught in the LGBTQ mess, can be asked to sign a bond to be of good behaviour, after receiving the needed counselling.

I strongly believe and think that the God that some people think, they are fighting on His behalf, the God that we worship, the God, who came to us here on earth, in a form of a man, our Lord Jesus Christ, will never again, destroy sinners with fire and brimstone, as was done in Sodom and Gomorrah, many years ago.

God's patience that we enjoy today, is for our repentance, because He does not rejoice in the death of a sinner, but the repentance of the sinner.

Consequently, I would like to appeal to our Ruling Government, to do everything possible, to send information vans around to announce to the general public that we should all do well to seek the reformation of all Ghanaians involved in the LGBTQ activities and not their dehumanization.

Hence, anybody caught doing harm to those involved in the LGBTQ activities, will be dealt with according to the laws of Ghana.

The Ruling Government, should also do well to collaborate with the appropriate institutions, to set up rehabilitation centres, to bring to normality, those who may get themselves trapped into the LGBTQ activities.

Let's all be mindful of the fact and truth that the devil is the most terrible and worst enemy of humanity. Occultism and fetishisms are the works of the devil and they are more of taboos in the eyes of God than LGBTQ activities.

Engaging in occultism and fetishisms amount to the glorification of the devil and the spread of its Kingdom. The more we spread its kingdom and glorify it, the more the whole world is in terrible danger.

As Christians, Muslims and Chiefs of Ghana, are we going to call for legislation to banish from our communities, those involved in occultism and fetishisms or imprison them?

Written by Rev. Fr. Ignatius James Yaw Amponsah

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