19.03.2020 Feature Article

Special Appeal To The Academia

Special Appeal To The Academia
LISTEN MAR 19, 2020

It is an undeniable fact that education is the key to the wholistic development of every human being. And if you want to exploit and enslave a group of people, you destroy the quality of their education.

One of the means of destroying the quality of education of a group of people is, spoonfeeding their final year students by helping them to get the examination questions in advance.

If students know that they will get the examination questions and answers ahead of time, who will worry himself or herself to study and do research work? Which of our teachers will kill himself or herself to teach students? And the consequence of this behaviour can be very disastrous.

Hence, I would like to appeal to the academia( especially our university Vice - Chancellors ) to find every possible means to organize retreats and seminars for our basic school teachers, those in the SHS and the tertiary institutions, to help them know the disastrous consequence of buying examination questions for final year students in advance.

If individual teachers are capable of buying examination questions for final year students, how much more a ruling government that has made up its mind to purchase 'past examination questions' for final year students.

Let no one be fooled to think that a government that wants to move heaven and earth to win power, will buy questions that will not appear in the students' final year examination.

The idea of a ruling government, buying examination questions for final year students, should be scrapped completely, because it is a very bad precedence. Introducing partisan politics in education may destroy our quality education forever.


Rev. Fr. James Ignatius Yaw Amponsah

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