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26.11.2019 Feature Article

The Indelible Royal Sex Scandal Disgrace By Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew (right) and the late Jeffrey Epstein, photo credit: BBC
Prince Andrew (right) and the late Jeffrey Epstein, photo credit: BBC

Prince Andrew, currently the Duke of York, has found himself in an embarrassing sex scandal which has brought a total shame not to himself only but to the entire royal family at Buckingham Palace.

In July 2019, financier Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and the conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. While in jail, Epstein mysteriously died and was ruled a suicide.

Thousands of Americans and others worldwide, believed Epstein, the sex offender, was murdered and did not kill himself, to avoid implicating high-level people involved in the sex trafficking scandal.

As the dust begins to settle, one of the alleged victims of sex slaves organized by Epstein, 33-year-old Virginia Giuffre said that among the men she was forced to have relations with when she was just 17, was the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

Despite a picture of 2001, which emerged, showing the Duke of York, hugging the seventeen-year-old Virginia, a spokesman for Buckingham Palace, has rejected the accusations

In addition to the image revealing, Prince Andrew with the victim, a 2010 video also captures him in Manhattan, as he leaves Epstein's house in the company of a blonde lady wearing a revealing dress.

Epstein, who had previously served 13 months in a Palm Beach County jail, had images of high-profile social personalities, such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Queen Elizabeth's son Prince Andrew.

No matter your personality and your position in society, you can't easily escape or deny your involvement in certain scandals.

Prince Andrew has now announced his resignation from his public functions after he was interviewed by the BBC, about his relationships with the deceased American business magnate Jeffrey Epstein.

According to Andrew his relationship with the convicted sex offender has caused considerable reputational damage. As a result of the sex scandal, businesses and charities are breaking the partnership with the Duke of York, who for some years now has been surrounded by controversies.

"It has become clear to me in recent days that the circumstances surrounding my former relationship with Jeffrey Epstein has caused significant problems for my family's work and my own work for the many organizations and charities that I am proud of. That is why I asked Her Majesty if I could soon withdraw from public positions and she agreed."

Andrew has promised to assist investigators in investigating the Epstein affair if desired. He says he also sympathizes with the victims of the American sex offender and billionaire, British media reports.

The second son of Queen Elisabeth II continued to take heavy blows in recent days following the controversial interview about the Epstein affair.

Every family has a secret, the same applies to the British royal family. In 1981, when Prince Charles, the elder brother of Prince Andrew, married Diana, it turns out that he had another person in mind.

During a Panorama interview in 1995, Diana said: “Well, there were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded,” referring to Camilla Parker Bowles, the one Charles was cheating on her with. Princess Diana died in a horrible car accident in Paris in 1997.

The world media became busy with the endless publications about the deception and unfaithfulness of Prince Charles. Today, the same media has shifted to Charles' junior brother Andrew, who divorced his wife, Sarah Ferguson in May 1996.

This could be the most embarrassing crime ever to hit the royal family of Britain. Even though the Duke of York has stepped down from public duties, he has soiled his image for life.

Joel Savage
Joel Savage, © 2019

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