Never Vote For A Party That Has Ignored Its Obligations; But As Election Season Approaches, They Will Begin To Show Concern

Feature Article Never Vote For A Party That Has Ignored Its Obligations; But As Election Season Approaches, They Will Begin To Show Concern

Ghanaians don't need to worry too much about who should lead the nation since everyone must turn back the clock to look over the accomplishments of the previous administration and compare them with those of the present one. The outcome is straightforward: it shows that Bawumia and Akufo Addo are completely incompetent and have achieved nothing. This indicates that Bawumia's running partner is not as significant, since the vice president is the second-weakest link after Akufo Addo.

The Asantehene's call to the government to include the private sector and attract more investors to create jobs for Ghanaians was a significant effort. He is deeply concerned about the high rate of unemployment in Ghana. However, Otumfuo appears to be busy since he ought to be aware of Ghana's history of financial corruption, embezzlement, and money laundering by the NPP, which makes the country unappealing to investors. I have written uncountable articles about them.

In my opinion, there are people in Ghana who, as long as they hate the NDC, are willing to support a failed government and encourage tribalism. What they don't know is how many times they might publish deceptive articles that will never change the decisions of the populace. Ghanaians have endured so much under Akufo Addo's administration that they no longer give a damn about Akufo Addo and Bawumia, let alone his running mate.

In Ghana, many people are so naive that they blame politics for everything. I have spent my entire life telling Ghanaians that Akufo Addo and Bawumia, or the NPP in particular, are neither sincere nor concerned about the people. Even though whatever I have written about this government has taken place, they label me anti-NPP, which I think is not true because they have the right to call me a partisan writer if what I have written about the NPP in the past is false.

NPP politicians who have committed financial crimes for which they should have been imprisoned in many developing, let alone developed, nations are being elevated to positions of leadership in Ghana because they don't care how their crimes have affected society or the populace; what matters to them is that the NPP controls the nation. Ghanaians should therefore reconsider if they are proposing someone like Bawumia, who was complicit in the financial crimes that caused the economy, businesses, and investments to collapse, to be president.

I'll give you some advice on how to select a better leader based on the achievements of the Belgian government, one of the richest countries in Europe, which produces chocolate in large quantities despite having no cocoa plantations. The best guidelines or precepts for selecting a good leader are listed below. Ghanaians should elect a knowledgeable and compassionate leader in huge numbers, free from intimidation or fear from any organization or police enforcement.

Never support a party that has been in power for a long time and has disregarded its obligations; but, as election season approaches, they will begin to demonstrate concern. These Ghanaians vote for the wrong party, and once in power, they would once again neglect their obligations. Always consider which government has proven to be genuinely committed to protecting the environment, rivers, and ecology to create a safe environment that is suitable for interacting with young people and caring for the elderly.

  1. Budgets are presented to Parliament for approval, and money is spent on project execution. Every Ghanaian must investigate the amount of money granted to the government and its effectiveness in carrying out initiatives. Has the funding been allocated to the appropriate projects, or has it been directed to the wrong channels? If there is debt, how did it accrue?
  1. In many developing countries, let alone the developed ones, such as China, Japan, and the United States of America, politicians involved in corruption scandals are either sacked from government or arraigned before the law, and if found guilty, will be incarcerated. As a Ghanaian concerned about the future of the country and the next generation, it should be your responsibility to find out how the government deals with corruption cases. If corrupt politicians are declared free from wrongdoing, don’t waste your time voting for such a party because their actions will collapse the country, like the economy.
  1. A responsible government should control the market, keep an eye on how the law is being applied, and defend the rights of the populace. Does the government uphold the Constitution and the rights of the people? If not, don't spend your time voting for such a party since they are irresponsible and will never lead you to the Promised Land.
  1. It's critical to comprehend the policies of each party before selecting which one to support. Political parties take varying stances on the economy, immigration, social security, religion, and other significant issues. Compare and contrast which government has been a real player on these matters historically and currently. Choose the political party that is most devoted to your beliefs and cast your vote.
  1. When someone tries to buy you off when it comes time to cast your vote, you should know that they are a failure and don't trust their party, which is why they are trying to buy you off. You always have a choice: accept the money or reject it. However, you shouldn't vote for him because not only will the money run out, but your nation's future will also be in jeopardy.

6. You can evaluate the party's track record of keeping its pledges and its ability to serve the interests of its voters successfully. This will assist you in determining whether or not to trust the party with your votes in the upcoming election.

  1. Everybody has different goals, which influence the party they choose to support in elections. For example, if you have strong environmentalist beliefs, you might find the parties with plans to combat environmental issues to be the most appealing. You should research party policies that address job and economic difficulties if you wish to be in better employment.
  1. Don't rely on other people's opinions. While friends, family, and coworkers may have prejudiced or incorrect beliefs, they can still have an impact on your choice of candidate. You must base your choices on your priorities and an analysis of party policies.
It's important to remember that choosing a political party is a personal choice because, in many countries, political parties are an essential part of the democratic system. Spend some time learning about party platforms and having conversations with other voters before making a decision. Ultimately, your vote has the power to impact the political landscape of the country and determine its future.