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Cannabis is God's plant

Marijuana is a holy herb
Cannabis is God's plant

God made the herbs and caused it to grow from the ground for the benefit of mankind. (Genesis 1:29, Psalm 114:14)

I believe that Cannabis is not just a herb but a holy herb: In Exodus 30:23, God specifically instructed Moses to make a HOLY ANOINTING OIL out of some herbs of which cannabis was among. This was around 1446 BCE. Yet many don't even know that cannabis (marijuana) was mentioned in the Bible. This is because you can't find it mentioned in the English versions of the Holy Bible. Why? Bible translators INTENTIONALLY removed it and replaced it with a different plant. The King James version replaced it with a plant called CALAMUS. The New International Version (NIV) used SWEET CANE... etc... But when you look into the original version of the Bible, THE TANAKH (HEBREW BIBLE), you 'll see that cannabis was mentioned five times... Incase you don't know, the English versions of the Bible is incomplete because there are lots of things they changed inside... I dare you to search it out)

Now, you might want to ask, WHY DID THEY REMOVE THE WORD CANNABIS/MARIJUANA from the Holy Bible? Remember that the devil is always against man and everything that 'll benefit mankind. The uses of cannabis to mankind cannot be over emphasised. Scientists say there are over 50,000 uses of cannabis. Could it be the leaf John refers to as the healing of the nations? ( Revelation 22:2B). So tell me, why won't the devil be against such a plant, since it is so useful to humanity? From medicine to spirituality, the uses of cannabis cannot be quantified.

To the Israelites, the burning/smoking of incense (e.g cannabis) was a sacrament. They burnt and smoked incense daily before the lord in censers. (Exodus 30:8,) The bible says each person appeared before the lord with a censer (Numbers 16:17-19).

Note that the smoking/burning of cannabis with rolling papers is only a modern thing. Back in the days, there was no such thing as rizla.(Rizla was only invented in 1660 by Lacroix). Ancient men burnt/smoked cannabis in censers and in fire. Here is how Herodotus observed them in the fifth century before the birth of Christ.:

"Herodotus in the fifth century B.C. observed the Scythians throwing hemp on heated stone to create smoke and observed them inhaling this smoke. Although he does not identify them, Herodotus states that when they "have parties and sit around a fire, they throw some of it into the flames. As it burns, it smokes like incense, and the smell of it makes them drunk, just as wine does us. As more fruit is thrown on, they get more and more intoxicated until finally they jump up and start dancing and singing." (Herodotus, Histories 1.202.).

The Scythians were known to the Greeks as Scythians but to the Semites as Ashkenaz. Genesis 10:3

Cannabis is a sacred herb and the burning/smoking of cannabis is a sacred thing. This is because the burning/smoking of cannabis is considered a medium of prayer unto God: When we burn/smoke cannabis, the incense (smoke) that we inhale touches our heart; and as we breath it out, it goes up in the air into the clouds, and straight up it goes to the sky; reaching THE MOST HIGH with the desires of our heart. That is why the Holy Bible says " let your prayer ascend unto God as a sweet smelling savor".

In the Bible, incense is often associated with prayer. David prayed, “May my prayer be set before you like incense” (Psalm 141:2) John in his vision of heaven, saw that the elders around the throne “were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people” (Revelation 5:8; 8:3). As Zechariah the priest was offering incense in the temple in Luke 1:10, “all the assembled worshipers were praying outside.”

Now, the Bible says the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God. (Proverbs 15:8) This means the incense that reaches God from an unclean heart is unacceptable to Him. This was the exact situation we see in Jeremiah 6:20, when the children of Israel burnt cannabis unto God. God rejected their incense because it was coming from wrong hearts and was a choking stench in His nostrils. At that point in time, the children of Israel had deviated from the worship of God to the worship of the queen of heaven. (Jeremiah 44:11-30).

In isaiah 1:13, God spoke through the prophet Isaiah to the children of Israel, “Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me”. And In Isaiah 43:24, God complained that instead of the Israelites to burn cannabis unto him; they were rather disturbing Him with their sins.

It is important here to note that God Is Holy and does not tolerate sin. (Habakkuk 1:13) ...

I, therefore, maintain that the smoking/burning of cannabis is sacramental. If it must be observed, it must be observed with a clean heart... Else, We will end up inviting damnation on ourselves (1 Corinthians 11:29-30 )... Just like the two sons of Aaron invited death to themselves when they burnt incense unto the Lord wrongfully.

One thing we must understand is that God is not a man. If you must worship Him, you must worship him in spirit and in truth. Your heart is your spirit. Truth signifies purity. The burning of cannabis must take place on the alter of a pure heart (spirit). So, it is necessary we examine ourselves first before we partake of this holy act of burning/smoking cannabis to the Lord God Almighty (1 Corinthians 11:28)

Now, you ask: what does it mean to have a clean heart?

For further study:

Job 41: 20, 2 Samuel 22:9, Psalms 18:8, Job 39:20

In Psalm 51:1, David prayed -- Create in Me a Clean Heart, O Lord.." The question now is, what does it mean to have a clean heart?

Having a clean heart doesn't make you a good man. Jesus said no man is good except God. (Mark 10:18) This is so because man is prone to making mistakes... Now, just because you make a mistake doesn't make you an unclean hearted person (Ecclesiastes 7:20). However, the point is, he who has a clean heart repents as soon as he realises his mistakes. For example, When the prophet Nathan confronted David after he had committed adultery with Bathsheba, he immediately repented of his sin. (2 Samuel 12) . And God spoke concerning David " I have found a man after my own heart".(1 Sam. 13:14) What heart? A clean heart ofcourse!.. This is what it means to have a clean heart...

A clean heart makes a conscious man and a conscious man is a man with a clear conscience. Paul said "I strive always to have a clear conscience towards God and man" (acts 24:16 NIV)

A conscious man is always conscious of his actions towards God and towards his fellow man. He is quick to make amends when he flops. Proverbs 24:16 says “The righteous falls seven times and rises again...". This is what makes you a conscious man: the ability to recognise your error and make amends immediately.

Now, a conscious man maintains a clear conscience out of a clean heart! I hope you got that now!

From the scriptures, we see that any prayer that emanates from a clean heart is unto God a sweet-smelling savour. But a prayer from an unclean heart is detestable to the lord. (proverbs 15:8)

We have also seen from the scriptures that the burning of cannabis is a meduim of prayer unto God. (Exodus 30:8) I call it a Sacrament! The incense that goes into our heart when we smoke (burn) cannabis, ascends with the desires of our heart to the MOST HIGH GOD... The incense (prayer) that emanate from an unclean heart is destable unto God and that which emanate from a clean heart is unto God a sweet smell, and with such, God is pleased...

To this end, I urge you to purge your heart so that it can be an acceptable alter for the burning of the holy herb (cannabis) unto God; thereby presenting your desires to THE MOST HIGH in prayers contained in the insence of burnt cannabis... Peace!

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