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30.05.2019 Feature Article

Catholic Is And Was Never The First Church

Catholic could be the oldest church but not the first
Catholic Is And Was Never The First Church

I write this to those who have long accepted and imbibed the AGE LONG LIES that the Catholic church is the first church. I am more than surprised at how easily men are deceived when they have the Bible in their own hands.

The Roman Catholic church was not in existence until the year AD 313 when Constantine, the emperor of Rome at that time, was faced with a huge risk of losing his vast empire. At that time, the whole of Rome was a pagan nation. They worshiped gods and goddesses like Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars etc. In fact, the 12 planets were named after Roman deities.

The empire prospered as Idol worshipers until the Gospel of Jesus got to Rome through the apostle Paul and many other apostles. Despite Paul being beheaded by the Romans, and despite all efforts made in persecuting and killing the apostles and believers in the Empire, the Gospel still grew like wild fire because the early Christians operated in a dimension of anointing that made it impossible for anyone to doubt the reality of JESUS as Lord.

The Gospel prospered so much that It got to a point where half of the whole Roman empire became Christians and half remained pagans.

The Emperor at that time became scared of losing half of his empire due to religious disparity. He had to do something to save his empire! Then he came up with an idea which had always worked for Rome, just as his predecessor Augustus Caesar did earlier to save Rome by combining the Greek religion with that of Rome to unite the two majority in the empire. Constantine also decided to combine Roman Paganism with the Christian faith. The result is what we call Catholicism.

Christians used to worship mainly on Saturdays (Sabbath) but he had it shifted to Sundays, a day when the Roman people worship the sun. He killed and expelled all those who refused Sunday as a day of worship. He invented the easter celebration. He forced his new religion (Catholic) to celebrate the resurrection of Christ the same day his people worship their gods/goddesses

Constantine made Catholics celebrate the birth of Christ (somthing that was never part of Christianity) on same day the Romans celebrate the birth of their god Saturn. Easter was set to honor the goddess Ishtar. (Consult your archive)

In the year AD 380, the next emperor of Rome, Theodosius 1, made Catholicism the official religion of the Roman empire by banishing pure Christianity and pure paganism. He established a spiritual father for Catholics and called him the spiritual father of all Catholics; neglecting the fact that JESUS forbade any mortal from being regarded as spiritual father. ( Matthew 23:9 ). This spiritual father became known as POPE meaning FATHER in Latin (the Roman language).

Since then, the Roman government and Roman Catholic pope began enforcing Catholicism on people by force. They started killing both Christians and pagans, they burnt down villages and burnt humans alive, just because they rejected the new adulterous religion. They set up the council of Nicea to compile their own version of the Bible, they burnt the books of earlier apostles, destroyed other Christian records and seized many. They killed scientists and doctors too. Catholics taught people that the whole stars and the sun and moon revolves round the earth. But when Galileo the scientist invented the telescope and saw into space, he exposed a great Catholic lie. He fled Rome because the pope wanted to kill him for his discovery.

The artistic genius, Leonardo da Vinci and other medical personnels were persecuted severely for their research in the field of medicine. It got to a point where the pope BANNED every form of learning and anything called school. This was just to prevent people from having KNOWLEDGE and keep them in total ignorance. This action led to an era in human history known as THE DARK AGE. It wasn't called a dark age because the sun refused to give light; it was called so because the Light of Knowledge was stamped out by the Catholic church and the darkness of religion ignorance was ushered in...

Now, how come we are told today that Catholic is the first church when it was only instituted in the year AD 380?

Before the Catholic church was formed, we read about the seven churches of Asia in the book of Revelations written by the apostle John 300 years earlier on the island of Patmos where Jesus showed him the Apocalypse. He mentioned the Churches in:








There were Churches in all these places hundreds of years before the Catholic Church was established. Paul also wrote letters to churches in...



EPHESUS (Ephesians)

GALATIA (Galatians)

PHILIPI (Philippians)

THESSALONICA ( Thessalonian)

ROME (Romans)

All these Books were letters written to the Churches in different places worldwide by the apostles Long Long before anyone even thought of establishing the Catholic church.


My question now is this; why will your priests and popes not stop lying to you that Catholic is the First church??? Why why whyyyyyy?

Why did they claim Peter the apostle was the first pope when for a fact, Peter was never a pope... Why, whyy whyyyyyy?

Why will they support their false claims with scriptures just like the devil did when he tempted Jesus? Why whyy vwhyyyyyyyyyy?

Why did you accept every Lie they tell you??? Why whyyyyyyyy?

Go and question your priests, get their answers, question their answers again and again just like the Christian church in Berea. Dont just accept anything and everything they tell you. You are not a Zombie. God gave you the Bible to read and a mind to think. Read and think for yourself. Do not let your priests do the thinking for you...

To this end, I submit that Catholic church is not and was never the first church. Make yourself free from years of lies and deception. You have heard the TRUTH today!

Deprof Matix
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