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03.04.2019 Feature Article

A Letter Of Admonition To The Minister For Health Hon. Kweku Agyeman Manu

Hon. Kweku Agyemang ManuHon. Kweku Agyemang Manu
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Hon. Kwaku Agyeman Manu, as the Minister for Health, I know you have knowledge about biological weapons. Some are used by enemies during a war to destroy or deform humanity, while some are made to kill or reduce the threat of population explosion.

The governments of Europe and the United States of America, have taken two problems emanating from Africa very seriously, namely, immigration and population explosion. The immigration situation is chaotic and since they dwell on poverty and overpopulation in Africa, as some of the causes, African leaders or health ministers must be very careful.

We have been writing about a population explosion in Africa, including Ghana. If I said 'we,' I am talking about the health writers, the Dutch scientist Johan Van Dongen, and the German medical doctor, Wolff Geisler, who have joined me on ModernGhana news site, to warn African leaders in many of their articles about the devilish plans foreign powers have in mind against Africa.

I don't know how seriously African leaders take such articles about the US government project for the global depopulation, which Third World Countries are always the victims. But being a Ghanaian, I am interested to write to you because of the love I have for my country of birth. I read the news daily but never on topics such as African leaders taking measures through family planning or something else to avoid a population explosion.

Since African leaders aren't interested to do something about that, I must warn you to be careful about Drugs imported from Europe and America into the country, especially given to women, including pregnant women at hospitals in Ghana. You've heard of this, "when persuasion fails, force is applied." Nigeria is already experiencing a population explosion, therefore, it's likely that Africa will suffer another biological weapon after Aids and Ebola.

Why is this article very important to me, Hon. Manu? The whole world now knows that Aids and Ebola are biological weapons. Since the United States government is aware that the secret is now out, they will try to depopulate Africa, through medicines used in our hospitals every day. Some of the medicines given to pregnant women can affect the baby leading to premature birth or damage the womb that a mother can no longer have a child in her life.

I received documents pertaining to such medical crimes in Africa, from both Johan Van Dongen and Dr. Wolff Giesler. The US government, under the supervision of the World Health Organization, has already used this method to spread diseases in East Africa, especially in Uganda, and the same method was also used in South Africa, therefore, history can repeat itself. Those in Africa see Europeans and Americans as a sort of saviour or Messiah, I don't see them that way.

I have compiled articles by some world writers, including America, who are behind Africa, to expose the US government about their clandestine biological weapon activities in Africa. Please, if you have time, read them. Thank you.

  • American healthy holistic writer, Susanne Posel writes:

HIV-Aids is a bio-weapon. This is how all started. In 1962, the US Senate received a report concerning chemical and biological warfare. This is the government contract where HIV-like and Ebola-like viruses were bio-engineered by the US military and the bioweapons contracting lab Biomedics.

They were producing viral immunosuppressive cancer in monkeys that could then be used through genetic engineering to infect humans.

Robert Gallo, working with the National Cancer Institute, was part of the project to manipulate feline leukemia viruses because of his knowledge of retroviruses and immunosuppressive cancers.

According to an annual volume of the Special Cancer Virus Program, human experimentation with cancer-causing and immunosuppressive viruses was essential.

With the “gay plague” and “gay cancer’, such experiments were no longer necessary. The deaths of thousands of gay men proved with these viruses caused cancer, immunosuppression, and were sexually-transmissible between people.

Millions of people have died from this US-sponsored government project to depopulate certain groups of people because of their ethnic heritage, and the US Congress knew about it and endorsed its use.

Scientific teams from various institutions like the Scripps Research Institute, the Rockefeller University, NIAID’s Vaccine Research Center and Duke University are closely following how they can use the human body’s immune system against the array of HIV strains that keep popping up.

In the sub-Saharan region of Africa, drug assistant forms of HIV are being found which leave current treatments ineffective. These researchers did not consult Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan ecologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who says that HIV was created deliberately in a laboratory as a biological weapon.

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American Health Writer Susanne Posel
Dr. Alan Cantwell, MD, who has extensively researched the origins of HIV/AIDS has concluded that: “After the smallpox vaccine story hit the front-page of The London Times, the story was subsequently killed and never appeared again in any of the world major media.

The smallpox eradication vaccine program sponsored by the World Health Organization was responsible for unleashing AIDS in Africa. About 100 million Africans living in central Africa were inoculated by the WHO.

  • American health investigative journalist, Janet C. Phelan

On June 24, 2018, an article entitled, “Dr. Death: The White South African Doctor Who Killed Blacks With Biological Weapons,” appeared on ModernGhana news site. Reference:

The article was about Wouter Basson, dubbed “Dr. Death” by the media, for the development of chemical and biological weapons T-shirts which caused fatal heart defects to kill black South Africans to reduce the black population.

As usual, articles from our health blog, ‘Secrets Of Aids And Ebola Facts Journal,” are spread on various social media, for readers to understand the relationship between the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control and the US government about ‘Biological weapons.’

On Facebook, this particular article caught the attention of an American medical writer, Janet Phelan, who had already sent messages to contact her. Her first message reads:” It appears, however, that Basson's efforts were successful and have been deployed. I suggest you might want to read the linked article, above.

He apparently was able to isolate an agent which attaches onto melanin and causes the silent killers of hypertension and diabetes. This has apparently been deployed. I'm running off to a meeting. Would love to be in touch a bit later. Thanks, Janet.

“Another message for Janet reads: Hi, I tried to send you a previous message through the website. I am a journalist who has been writing extensively on the US's biological weapons agenda and wanted to make contact with you. I have engaged the BWC on more than one occasion on this issue and believe there to be a racial component that is manifesting.”

“Dr. Wouter Basson's efforts to create a blacks-only bioweapon appear to have been successful and have nothing to do with a sterilization pill. That appears to have been the cover-up story. You can read more here”

Why the contact necessary?
According to Janet Phelan, after reading the article she realized that some points aren’t clear. For example, the previous publication about Dr. Wouter Basson’s pill’s to sterilize black women was just a cover-up. She then provided the real evil things ‘Dr. Death’ did to depopulate South African blacks.

According to Janet Phelan, Dr. Wouter Basson, who was the head of Project Coast, the biological and chemical warfare unit under South Africa’s Apartheid government in the 1980s, “acted unprofessionally” in manufacturing and supplying poisonous substances to security forces during the apartheid era.

In 1999, he faced charges in Pretoria High Court for murder and fraud, among a total of 67 charges, for allegedly overseeing plans to poison Namibian fighters with muscle relaxants, to infect water with cholera, and to deliver a baboon fetus to intimidate Nobel Peace Prize winner archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Much of what Basson actually accomplished is still a secret. He was known to have been engaged in genetic research and to be developing a blacks-only biological weapon.

According to a scientist who worked alongside Basson under the apartheid government, this blacks-only bioweapon was to attach onto melanin (darker skinned people have more melanin in their skin). Citing his security agreement with the government, the scientist agreed to speak under conditions of anonymity and stated he believed that Basson did, in fact, create this weapon.

Other sources indicate that this bioweapon was deployed on a grand scale, having been leaked into processed food. A confidential source in US intelligence stated that the spiking epidemic of the “silent killers” of hypertension and diabetes in people of color is due to the success of Basson’s research and subsequent deployment of a genetic weapon which attaches onto melanin and was leaked into the food supply.

The incidence of diabetes and hypertension in black people skyrocketed since Basson’s days with Project Coast. This is the reason Basson was successful with his accomplishment to reduce the black population in South Africa.

Health writer Janet Phelan
According to the National Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP), 25% of African Americans between the ages of 65-75 have diabetes. The prevalence in women appears to even higher, with MOTTEP reporting that 25% of African American women over the age of 55 are afflicted with diabetes.

Why it is a global plan to wipe out the black population is “hypertension is reported as most prevalent in the African American population. It affects about one out of every three African Americans, as opposed to one in five for the population at large. Complications of hypertension include heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and blindness.

Looking at another group with high melanin content in skin, MOTTEP reports that the rates of diabetes among Native Americans are the highest in the world, with over 12% rate of diabetes in those over 19 years of age. Also reporting high are Latino- Americans, with 24% of Mexican Americans within the US and 26% of Puerto Ricans with diabetes.

According to the International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries, “from 1959 to the mid-1980s, medical statistics showed that the prevalence rate of diabetes in Africa was equal to or less than 1.4%, with the exception of South Africa, where the rate was estimated to be as high as 3.6% in 2001. But, by 1994, the continent-wise prevalence of diabetes mellitus stood at 3 million and was then predicted to double or triple by the year 2010.”

In a chilling admission by Dr. Basson, made during an interview with New York filmmaker Rob Coen several years ago, Basson crowed that developing the blacks only bioweapon was “the most fun I ever had.”

  • Bulgarian health journalist, Dilyana Gaytandjieva writes:

Why does the Pentagon collect and study bats?

Bats are believed to be the source of the spread of Ebola, Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS) and other lethal diseases. However, how these viruses reach people is not yet known. DTRA has a number of projects for the study of military pathogens on bats as part of the Joint Biological Cooperation Program (CBEP).

Genetic virus engineering is legal in the United States

MERS-CoV is considered to be a virus that comes from bats and spreads directly among people or “jumps” at camels, and then at people. However, as with the Ebola virus, the exact methods of infection are not yet known to them.

According to WHO data, by June 2017, 80,000 cases of the disease were registered worldwide, 699 of which are fatal, in 15 countries. The mortality rate for MERS is 40%. WHO MERS-CoV is one of the viruses that have been genetically modified in the United States and studied in the Pentagon.

Evidence of this is President Obama’s temporary ban on state funding for MERS-related projects in the field of genetic engineering in 2014, as well as influenza and SARS. In 2017, the moratorium was lifted and scientific experiments continued. They are aimed at increasing the infectivity and potency of pathogens. Such dual-use experiments are legal in the United States.

Tularemia as a biological weapon
Tularemia, also known as rabbit fever, has been classified as a bioterrorism agent and has been studied in the past by the US military. However, the interest of the Pentagon to this disease and its carriers - mites and rodents - continues to this day. DTRA is conducting a series of tularemia studies in Georgia. Extremely dangerous pathogens pose a serious threat to public health and can become biological weapons.

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Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandjieva
Pentagon bio-documents and diseases in Ukraine
DTRA funded 11 bio-laboratories in the former Soviet republic. Ukraine has no control over military biological laboratories on its territory. By agreement between the US Department of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, signed in 2005, the government of Ukraine has no right to publicly disclose "confidential information" under the American program.

Ukraine is committed to submitting pathogens to the US Department of Defense for biological research. The Pentagon has access to state secrets of Ukraine.

Among the number of agreements between the United States and Ukraine is the creation of a science and technology center in Ukraine (STCU) - the international organization is funded primarily by the American government, it will be given diplomatic status.

The STCU officially funds the projects of scientists who worked on the Soviet biological weapons program. Over the past 20 years, the center has invested $ 285 million in 1,850 projects of scientists involved in the production of weapons of mass destruction in the past.

  • The Japanese health writer, Yoichi Shimatsu, reveals:

The Ebola pandemic began in late February in the former French colony of Guinea while UN agencies were conducting nationwide vaccine campaigns for three other diseases in rural districts. The simultaneous eruptions of this filovirus virus in widely separated zones strongly suggests that the virulent Zaire Ebola strain (ZEBOV) was deliberately introduced to test an antidote in secret trials on unsuspecting humans.

The cross-border escape of Ebola into neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia indicates something went terribly wrong during the illegal clinical trials by a major pharmaceutical company. Through the lens darkly, the release of Ebola may well have been an act of biowarfare in the post-colonial struggle to control mineral-rich West Africa

Earlier this year, rural residents eagerly stood in line to receive vaccinations from foreign-funded medical programs. Since the cover-up of the initial outbreak, however, panicked West African rural folks are terrified of any treatment from international aid programs for fear of a rumored genocide campaign.

The mass hysteria is also fueled in a region traditionally targeted by Western pedophiles by the fact that filovirus survives longer in semen than in other body fluids, a point that resulted in murderous attacks on young men believed to be homosexuals. Ebola detonated fear and loathing, and perhaps that is exactly the intended objective of a destabilization strategy.

This ongoing series of investigative journalism reports on the Ebola crisis exposes how West Africans are largely justified in their distrust of the Western aid agencies that unleashed, whether by mistake or deliberate intent, the most virulent virus known to man.

Guilt Without Doubt
A pair of earlier articles by this writer examined the British and American roles in developing Ebola into a biological weapon and its antidotes into commercial products. This third essay examines the strange coincidence of the earliest breakout in Guinea with three major vaccine campaigns conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN children’s agency UNICEF.

Japanese writer, Yoichi Shimatsu
At least two of the vaccination programs were implemented by Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders), while some of those vaccines were produced by Sanofi Pasteur, a French pharmaceutical whose major shareholder is the Rothschild Group. This report uncovers the French connection to the African Ebola pandemic.

Human Guinea Pigs
The guinea pig used in laboratory testing of new drugs is neither a pig nor from Guinea, since its natural habitat is on another continent, specifically the Andes. The test subjects at the time of the very first Ebola outbreaks in Guinea were not rodents or pigs; they were humans.

The mystery at the heart of the Ebola outbreak is how the 1995 Zaire (ZEBOV) strain, which originated in Central Africa some 4,000 km to the east in Congolese (Zairean) provinces of Central Africa, managed to suddenly resurface now a decade later in Guinea, West Africa. Since no evidence of Ebola infections in transit has been detected at airports, ports or highways, the initial infections must have come from one of either two alternative routes:

  • Leroy Whitfield was a writer who focused on the battle against AIDS among African-Americans. He died after living 15 years with the disease himself—while refusing to take medication for it. He was 36.

He reveals in an article entitled 'THE SECRET PLOT TO DESTROY AFRICAN-AMERICANS . This is a very long article, I have, therefore, shortened the length. Anyone interested to read the full article can follow the link and read it on our health blog 'Secrets of HIV-Aids And Ebola Facts Journal.

From virus-carrying mosquitoes to government biological warfare, the community is clamoring with theories about why blacks are hit harder by AIDS-and what to do about it.

On December 19, 1998, a month after President Clinton declared AIDS a crisis in black America -- a hard-won concession by the Congressional Black Caucus and a handful of determined African-American advocates -- Reverend Al Sharpton and a dirty dozen of community activists assembled for an AIDS assault of a different kind in Harlem.

They were responding to the same crazy reality: African Americans, who constitute only 13 percent of the U.S. population, they made up 32 percent of PWAs, a ratio that crept to 33 percent in 1999.

But unlike Mario Cooper, whose Leading for Life campaign twisted the arms of African-American leaders to take on AIDS, or Maxine Waters, the empathetic Caucus chair who led the charge on Capitol Hill, Sharpton's six-hour-long meeting took aim at the reeling statistics with a whirlwind of theories.

These theories, about why exactly AIDS shows such a strange affinity for blacks, have been blowing across America for more than 10 years now, stoking fires that no one's figured out how to put out.

43201994255 1j041p5ccw leroy

Writer Leroy Whitfield
One burning voice belongs to Boyd Ed Graves. Sitting at a well-polished dining room table at his home in Cleveland's black, solidly middle-class Mount Pleasant neighborhood, Graves offers an explanation for those numbers: genocide, plain and simple.

In fact, he's suing the U.S. government for using tax dollars to secretly develop HIV in a lab and then deploy it as a biological weapon to kill blacks. It's ethnic cleansing, he says, and in the end, not a single black soul will remain.

For the record, Graves, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1992 (and now has an undetectable viral load on HAART), concedes it's possible that he contracted the virus through unprotected sex. But more likely, he believes, he was the victim of a stealth dart gun, a "micro-bio- inoculator" that can tag unsuspecting victims from 100 feet away without so much as a prick, a product of the U.S. government's biological warfare program.

Or, he imagines, he may have been one of the thousands of unlucky African Americans infected through a bite by a virus-distributing mosquito bred by government contractors at an island facility off the shores of Manhattan. Or: "The HIV virus is the result of a century-long hunt for contagious cancer that selectively kills." "If they didn't want me to discover the true origins of AIDS," Graves says, cutting glare in my direction, "they shouldn't have given it to me."

Graves has an encyclopedic mind. He can pull numbers out of the air from reports he read 20 years ago. In 1976, he says, the U.S. Navy deemed him so competent that during his duty as a cryptography officer, he was one of only a few aboard the guided-missile destroyer on which he worked who were privy to nuclear launch codes. Later, Graves graduated from Ohio Northern University law school with honors.

His case against the government stemmed from a discrimination suit he filed against his first employer out of law school, a federally funded agency serving the disabled, which laid him off in 1995 shortly after he disclosed his HIV status. That suit was settled out of court for $48,000, he tells me, but in the process of building his extensive argument, Graves uncovered a document that would spark a lifelong obsession.

It was the transcript of a 1970 Congressional hearing on defense appropriations during which a certain Dr. Donald MacArthur of the Pentagon mentioned a "biological agent...for which no natural immunity could be acquired...that could be developed within 5 to 10 years." That document was soon joined by hundreds of others to form the basis of Boyd Graves vs. the President of the United States, which Graves filed in federal court last January.

He pulls out a copy of the MacArthur transcript for me and begins reading highlights, then stops himself midsentence and looks up. "Do you want to hear me read it in my Nixon's voice?" he asks. Nixon, I'll soon discover, is just one of Graves' dozen impersonations. He also does the hostile AIDS outreach worker, the annoying relative, and the impatient bureaucrat, all of whom he's encountered on his hell-bent mission and whose voices repeat inside his head.

A district court, calling his name claims regarding the transmission of HIV "completely baseless and delusional," threw his case a month after it was filed. But Graves continues to appeal, in March, a higher court granted a review.

Among Cleveland's AIDS leadership, Graves has earned a nickname: Crazy Eddie. He has spread his gospel to every AIDS agency in this Corn Belt town; he's caused such a stir that some compare his impact in the Midwest to that of ACT UP/San Francisco AIDS dissidents in the West.

Joel Savage
Joel Savage, © 2019

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