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29.03.2019 Feature Article

Akwaaba To Ghana, Ian Knisely--And Many Thanks To You, Etelle Higonnet!

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Increasingly, NGOs are playing a vital role, in creating prosperous rural communities, across our homeland Ghana. SYTO Ghana has been a pioneer in such wealth-creating initiatives. It certainly deserves its place at the forefront of this new wave of green social entrepreneurship in Ghana.

As we speak,through the personal intervention of Mighty Earth's brilliant and fearless campaign director, Etelle Higonnet, SYTO Ghana has just brought a U.S. bee expert, and honey entrepreneur, Mr. Ian Knisely, into Ghana, to collaborate with it - in its plan to turn the fringe-forest cocoa-farming community of Akyem Juaso, into Ghana's leading producer of fresh organic mountain honey, which will be marketed under the Pronatura brand's label.

SYTO Ghana is doing its bit to create a prosperous rural community, in an area in Ghana's Eastern Region, blighted by illegal gold mining and illegal logging. It deserves to be commended. Kudos to its dynamic and imaginative managing director, Ms Marian Thompson (known affectionately, as Nanayire Marian ), who is also the M&J Group's exceptionally hardworking managing director.

For those well-heeled and health-conscious middle-class Ghanaians, keen on protecting Mother Nature, as well as living healthy lifestyles, today, we have culled a page from the website of East Rock Apiary, Mr. Ian Knisely's honey business in New Haven, Connecticut.

One's hope in so doing, is to inspire them to support SYTO Ghana's many wealth-creating initiatives, in Akyem Juaso, by visiting the area and hiking to the top of the P. E. Thompson upland evergreen rainforest, as temporary members of the new Akyem Juaso Hiking Club.

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"East Rock Apiary
NEw Haven, COnnecicut
My father grew up in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, where he, his brother and his father learned how to keep bees from the Scottish former groundskeeper for George Washington’s estate, Mount Vernon.

In recent years, concerned by reports of Colony Collapse Disorder, I urged my father to rekindle his boyhood hobby. We have kept bees in our backyard since 2013 and have worked hard to develop our apiary. We only use natural approaches to manage threats to the health of our bees because we feel that our own health, and the health of our community will be best achieved by adopting best practices for ensuring the health of our bees! Our bees live in our community—including in our own back yard—where we use natural selection to develop a locally adapted race of bees that enjoy better health and vigor.

Thank you for visiting our website and for supporting local bees.

--Ian Knisely, Founder."
Powered by Honeybees."
End of culled content from the website of East Rock Apiary.

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