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Opinion | Feb 23, 2019

A Civilised People Finally Say Enough Is Enough - And Say No To The Formation And Existence Of Private Militias In Ghana

A Civilised People Finally Say Enough Is Enough - And Say No To The Formation And Existence Of Private Militias In Ghana

Does God Almighty love our country? Perhaps. In any case, there are many in Ghana, who indeed think so - and, as most of us are aware, it is said that the voice of the people, is the voice of God. Amen.

For such religiously-inclined individuals, the appeal by President Akufo-Addo - in his state of the nation address delivered in Parliament to Ghanaians - asking the leadership of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), and the biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to start a dialogue, which will eventually lead to the disbanding of the private militias affiliated to both parties, is a good omen: For orderly presidential and parliamentary elections, devoid of violence, in November 2020.

The president ought to go ahead regardless, and get new laws drafted, and passed by Parliament, under a certificate of urgency - to outlaw all the existing private militias set up by self-seeking and violence-prone politicians, to enable them to have the capacity to destabilise our beautiful and relatively peaceful country when it suits them. The sods. Haaba.

Hopefully, when we finally succeed in ridding Ghanaian society, of the vile and brutish myrmidons-in-uniform-types (who are sponsored by super-ruthless hardliners in the duopoly that has governed Ghana since the 4th Republic came into being), our homeland Ghana will be saved from a worse than terrible fate in 2020 - being spared from experiencing widespread violence and chaos: Because a civilised, gentle and peace-loving people, finally plucked up the courage to say enough is enough, and boldly stood up against foolhardy hotheads, who wanted to tip Ghanaian society over the precipice, for their own selfish ends. Haaba.

Kofi Thompson
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