Shall We Sell Out Democracy To Greed And Corruption?

Feature Article Former President Mahama
AUG 4, 2018 LISTEN
Former President Mahama

In his 14-minute 1961 inaugural speech, Kennedy told Americans to ''ask not what your country can do for you but rather ask what you can do for your country.'' This, to my mind, should be a universal call to all citizens to strive and serve their countries in the best capacity they possibly could, rather than your country serving you.

To want your country to do for you is a recipe for corruption and greed. When citizens, especially politicians, are so steep in asking for what their country can do for them, we are at the mercy of a nation wreck. It appears as if in Ghana, our politicians have failed this simple call to duty of what you can do for your country. By not doing so, they have sold out democracy to greed and corruption. On their personal level, some have demonstrated that they are never in public service to serve but rather they are in it to be served.

The overarching question has to be asked; for how long do we as a people allow our personal interests to override those of the national interests? This question has come to the fore pertaining to the impending NDC Flagbearer nominations.

Leading a party in an election and ultimately a nation is a heck of a job to boot. Serving the nation during the duration of the mandate could be overwhelming. But most quintessentially, losing an election after a one term mandate obviously points to a lot of unchecked boxes, very devastating.

So, when nominations are due within the NDC party, it is expected for the individuals to do a thorough introspection so that they do not make forced decisions. What is it? Why am I saying this? Are the politicians, the MPs who are forcing JDM to run really serious? Do these guys care about the development of Ghana or their stomach? Have they considered the fact that it’s about Ghana and not an individual? Have they lost sight of the reasons why the party lost the last election?

I will submit that any MP who has endorsed JDM without consulting with the grassroots who gave him/her the mandate is highly insensitive, grossly arrogant, ineptly ignorant and rudely disrespectful of the grassroots and has ulterior motives. Simply put, they are not worth serving the interest of ordinary people in parliament and must be voted out.

And, all said and done, can JDM even face Ghanaians with something anew? Has JM declared his intention? If the NDC party cares about Ghana, they should seek new ideas and innovations from a leader who can take Ghana to the next level. We are not seeing this happen yet, and certainly we did not see it in JM. It looks as if the old corrupt politics that we saw with JM is even accentuated and magnified in the current government.

Ghanaians need a leader with a demonstrable capacity to lead them into the glowing future. To have JDM back, honestly speaking, will be a lost battle on inception and shameful for the party. How about giving progressive minds who are now consulting the grassroots with real message of hope the chance to lead the party to the glorious place of hope that we are all looking forward to? The time has come for the party to rebrand and build on the shortfalls in 2016 by electing a candidate who has a better chance of leading the party to win the 2020 elections rather than another miss step. Let others galvanize a new momentum to build on your achievements, JDM!

It’s the way to go.
Cletus D Kuunifaa
Can be contacted at: [email protected] or follow him on twitter@ckuunifaa