Surviving The Dark Season: What Must Good People Do When Bad Things Happen?

Feature Article Surviving The Dark Season: What Must Good People Do When Bad Things Happen?
AUG 30, 2017 LISTEN

This is the third and final article in the series and it is continued from How Could God Let This Happen To Me? Without doing anything out of the ordinary you may find yourself like Jeremiah you asking, ‘Why is my pain unending and my wound grievous and incurable? You are to me like a deceptive brook, like a spring that fails.’ This is a desperate call, acall for help.

In the first part of the series we found out that if you need better answers you have to ask better questions. If you want uncommon answers you have to ask uncommon questions. In the second part we found out that bad things have been happening to good people since the beginning of time. We found out that the Bible promise victory instead of a good life.

Let’s land this plane by looking at What must good people do when bad things happen?Yes, what did they do? How do they do it before they crossed over to the other side?

‘Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issue of life.’

When faced with persistent calamity the most important thing is to guard and defend your heart from traumatic and toxic contaminations. It is to keep one’s mind consistently positive and in good health in a battle field. How do you do that? Here are few things that good people do when bad things happen.

Good people are real with their current situation. At this level your emotions are too close to the surface and they can be triggered easily, and get out of control. Honestly you are vulnerable and very sensitive. You have burning craving to get out of your problems. This is your weakness. Yes it is. You can easily be misled, abused or take advantage. It is easy to pick up issues with people and respond unwisely. So, try not to involve your emotions. Just do your best.

Good people defend their peace at all cost. They know that their current situation make them collect more than usual baggage. They take constant emotional and spiritual detoxing as a must. People are designed differently. Find out how you function. Some people are introverts, some extroverts. Prayer and meditation works very well for both types of personalities. Constantly have prayer time or quiet times. It may mean locking yourself in a quiet place. Take 10 to 30 minutes daily to release your emotions. Some people prefer to shake it off by means of music or chatting.

Good people listen to the voice within.Listen to God as His speaks to you. Have someone to bounce ideas before you make decisions. Before you make a commitment ‘sleep over it.’ Take some time before commitment. A day or two will help clear your mind or spirit to hear from God. As you read the story of David. It is repeated again and again, ‘David enquired of the Lord.’ He never did anything without asking God. Make this one of your habits. In this way you will not sell your birth right for a bowl of soup.

Constant emotional and spiritual detoxing is a must.

Good people relentlesslyendure in patience. Remember that your dark season may last for a while.You have to endure, knowing that it’s not a quick sprint but a marathon.You are in a journey of your life. You will have to keep facing the same tough ugly situation on the eye daily. Be bold. Be patient.

Good people have the right team for support. Find good close friends and relatives who understand you personally. People who knows your vision and believe that they are part of it. Get rid of competition, strife and backbiting. In these unchartered territories you cannot afford them.

Good people operate in ‘safe mode,’that is,they avoid people or circumstances or meetings that have a potential to violate their peace. ‘Safe mode’ means keeping to minimum your external involvements. Reduce comments or seeking comments or approval from other people.There will be small or even big success along the way, but these are not the necessarily the end of the war. Keep information about your victories or losses to few people.

Good people use mentors and advisors. Initially, just like everyone else, your mentor will expect your situation to drastically improve within a short time. As the situation continues, month after month, do not stop engaging with these people even if their input is not really changing your circumstance. Keep getting their support. Do not be afraid of ‘bothering’ them with your problems.

When things are not happening, it does not mean things are not happening.

Good people become part of focus groups. Create or be involved small focussed prayer or fellowship groups where you share the same problems and ideas, get counselling and pray for each other. Remember you are eating an elephant. It will take small consistent prayers to move a mountain. This is how faith as small as a mustard seed works. Use judgement. Avoid sharing your intimate problems with insensitive people who will spread it around. At times excluding your problems from certain prayer meetings can help.

Finally, good people read. Find books that can encourage you. Besides the Bible, read biographies and stories of people who went through similar situations and overcame. Watch similar movies and listen to stories of people who overcame.

As you do this, do not forget to prepare for the next season, and get ready for your promotion. When things are not happening, it does not mean things are not happening. God does not sleep or slumber. He is preparing you for the next step. Are you ready for the next season? As surely as the sun rise, it will come.

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