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Are You Playing The Blame Game?

Are You Playing The Blame Game?
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Have you noticed that people everywhere are blaming everything and everyone for whatever is wrong in their lives? They point at their husbands or wife, their employer, the government, the community, the economy, the ruling party, the opposition, the banks etc. ‘Someone’s at fault for this mess I’m in and it’s definitely not me,’ they say.

After a year, two years or ten years, they will still be blaming someone except themselves. They spend all their time and energy blaming. They sit in groups criticising politicians and public figures, spending five to six hours of their weekend time pointing out how bad things are.

Instead of spending all this time discussing politics and all these problems, why don’t you spend that time talking about how you can improve yourselves? Much better why don’t you spend that time improving yourself? If you cannot find something productive to do with that time, you can spend that time with your wife, you husband or your children having fun.

People who always find someone or something to blame for their failure always end up on the losing side. But responsible people who actively take charge and ownership of their lives and the lives of others become winners. The blame game is a loser’s game. Don’t get into it. Which game are you playing?

Make a bold decision today to take charge and be a solution oriented person. Create a plan to make things around you better. Drive out negativity. Focus on making your dream a living reality. Set your goals and take immediate action. Attend the course if necessary and start progressing now. Otherwise you will find yourself playing the blaming game, a game you will never win.

Have a great day.
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