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25.08.2017 Feature Article

The "Aban Dea" Mentality Among Some Public Servants In Ghana

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Now, let us face the cancer that every Ghanaian sees every day which is destroying the fabric of the country, that is corruption. Deep down the souls of many people when offered public positions, they have the intent to steal government properties including cash, cars, buildings, lands, etc. To them, it is a privilege to serve and take from the state. Some Ghanaians see working with the government as the avenue to enrich themselves. This is the first mindset to exploit the country.

Society has created the impression that after working with the government, you must meet certain expectations. Like, have some fat bank accounts, get many cars, businesses, houses, etc. If you don't get these while working for the state and you are poor in your later years, people will speak to you like this, "after working for the government, you could not save a pesewa, now see your life?" No one seems to end their life like this after years of working for the government; hence they resort to plan B. This explains the second mindset to exploit the country.

Some individuals actions, support, and thoughts in the society do support public servants to extort the state. When one is a leader in the country, everyone is counting on them to give including scholarships, paying school fees for some students, sharing some cash randomly, giving huge funeral dues, paying fat tithe at church, spending on young girls at colleges in exchange for sex, etc. Honestly, it is a good thing that some of our leaders are supporting the needy in their constituencies. But do we at times pause and ask the impact (positive and negative) it is having on our leaders? And at what cost? This can trigger them to steal from the state by inflating budgets, doubling figures, and others because they have to meet their demands by the people. How much do the ministers, members of parliament, and public servants make in reality? Be honest, do you think the money they make is the ones they use to help? This is the third mindset to exploit the country.

The trend is evident, double the budget or figures and use the money to pay needy students fees, pay needy people hospital bills, pay tithe, pay huge funeral dues, spending on young girls at the college in exchange for sex, and others. In orders words, steal to help the needy and yourself and reputation. This is the foundation of our woes today. The absurd things we tolerate turns to hurt the larger society, but we don't seem to know. This also explains the fourth mindset to exploit the country.

Some government officials are just "morally bankrupt, " and when they get the opportunity to loot, they pluck the whole resources without mercy. They are so merciless than the terrorist who put bombs on their body to kill innocent souls, all things being equal. They loot for themselves, family, village, and tribe first before considering the nation. This is the notion we must fight and defeat it. This is the root of corruption which is like deadly cancer to us now. The "aban dea" mentality is one of the reasons why we can't move forward. Since Nkrumah's time to date, this mentality is killing us gradually. Time to try something new! The merciless thought of some public servants is the fifth mindset to exploit the country.

If people are of the opinion to steal mercilessly when a company or an organization is for the government, then it makes sense to privatize them to serious entrepreneurs who will be seriously monitoring the here and now of our resources. The state has owned a lot of organizations for sixty years now, but we still see the same results over and over. The same complaints. In fact, at this time, we must agree that insanity is doing the same thing without achieving any success. The public cry every day because things are not managed well. Hence it makes sense to turn the equation after sixty years. Instead of more public ownership of our organizations, the private sector should dominate and let's see what happens for the next sixty years. I can promise they will be a great change because I have seen one in the western societies. Private companies drive the economy and not the government. You can ask any country in the Western world that we envy to emulate. Even Chinese and Russians will tell you the hard truth after going through communism.


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