15.09.2016 Feature Article

It Is Time To Consider The Plight Of COP Patrick Timbila

Patrick Timbila
LISTEN SEP 15, 2016
Patrick Timbila

Until his interdiction by the leadership of the Ghana Police Service COP Patrick Timbila had been considered to be one of the finest police officers in the country. Information gathered by this writer indicates that he has not been found wanting in any serious offence right through his long journey through the police hierarchy .

For that matter a lot of people who have come in contact with him in his official duties were surprised when he was alleged to have compromised his credibility in an illegal police recruitment scam.

Even though allegations have been made about him using some people to extort some amount of money in a police backroom police recruitment, the public is yet to be informed on whether or not the stories bandied around about this gentleman were true.

Many are those who are expressing concern on the delay in ”exposing off” the case on Mr. Timbilla who is the Director General of Police Human Resources and administration. Some people within the security fraternity are of the opinion that the case against Mr. Timbila might be at low ebb but might have been blown out of proportion because it has to do with the police. While others feel the police top man was set up in order to do him in in order to lose the right to gain access to his top post in the police.

The police hierarchy headed by the Vice President might be given findings of the police enquiry into the affaires involving Mr. Timbila. If he has done nothing wrong, he must be set free to go back to his job . Stories making the rounds that Mr. Timbila has been put under house arrest a claim which has been refuted by the police public affairs department is not good . He must be set free to go back to his job for his long suspension is not good for his health and the reputation of the police set up in Ghana.

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