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Let's Ward Off Religious Conflict To Develop Ghana

Let's Ward Off Religious Conflict To Develop Ghana

By the grace of God, the annual ramadan fast by Muslims throughout the world including Ghana has come to an end yesterday. As usual Muslims throughout the country would observe the Eid al fitr congregational prayers today. The difference from the past is that this year's Eid prayers would be observed with strict compliance with the covid-19 protocols.

All Muslims would be expected to wear nose masks and to observe social distances. The National Chief Imam has sent a message round asking all Muslim leaders to organize small groups in central Jumma MOSQUES instead of converging in large numbers in parks where social distancing may not be followed. As usual the Muslims would make merry for ending the ramadan in good health.

They'll move happily around visiting neighbors both Muslims and none Muslims to share food with them. There are those who'll carry food prepared at home to friends in their workplaces to show love for them. In fact, Ramadan festival and the other Muslim festivals have contributed towards unity in Ghana among all religious groups.

As a matter of fact the good deed being exhibited by Muslims is often reciprocated by Christians who also share food with neighbors some of whom are MUSLIMS during Christmas and new year festivities.

Unlike other nations around us the cordiality of people of different religious backgrounds in Ghana has been solid over the years in all communities, government work places and the private sectors including markets, lorry parks

and schools throughout the country. In fact the cordiality being shown in Ghana with Christian leaders Muslims transcend to meetings by the two religious bodies to promote peaceful elections and development programs and resolution of problems in Ghana. At almost all the meetings' Muslims and Christians are made to offer prayers. This peaceful coexistence is acknowledged throughout the world that Ghana is indeed one of the most peaceful nations in the world. In spite of the good picture being painted about Ghana through the efforts of religious groupings in Ghana there are sad developments likely to draw the nation back if care is not taken.

The refusal of the headmistress of the Wesley girls' high school for some students of the school to observe the annual Ramadan fast which was supported by the Methodist Church and the Christian council of Ghana has stirred controversy with the Muslim leadership also wading to say that it's wrong for Muslim students to be denied the right to fast.

The GHANA education service has asked the Wesley Girls High SCHOOL to allow the students to fast and the National Peace COUNCIL has waded in calling for peaceful resolution of the matter. The Federation of Muslim council under Alhaji Abdallah Showmie Williams which has been working closely with all religious bodies has also expressed concern about the sad development. The organization has therefore called for truce and advised all schools to allow students to perform their religious duties unhindered as has been the case in all schools in the country.

Ghana indeed is touted as one a peaceful nation on earth. This enviable achievement can only be attributed to the contributions being made by all the religious groups especially Christians and Muslims. We therefore call on the religious groups especially Christian council of Ghana, the office of the national Chief imam and all government organizations concerned to work together for peaceful resolution of all religious problems in schools and the nation as a whole. When that happens, we'll be able to move away from fear of physical conflicts now happening in parts of the world such as Jerusalem and other parts of the west Africa sub region.

No one in Ghana wants to see Ghana degenerate into a war zone. We must therefore put our best feet forward to achieve peace. Long live Ghana. Let's gang up to live up to our accolade of being a hospitable and peaceful nation. Long live Ghana together with all the religious bodies. By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

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