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Africa’s Oldest Independence Nation Has Refused To Change The Status Quo Ante!!

Africa’s Oldest Independence Nation Has Refused To Change The Status Quo Ante!!
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History indeed has proven that Liberia is Africa’s oldest independence Nation though never colonize but from successes regimes has and continues to refuse in changing her status quo ante in this computer age where even great nations the world over are transitional with infusion of modern ways of life for the betterment of her entire citizenry and environments!

Reading from what was left after, the slave’s trades that landed those today referred to in Liberia as the Congo people which were in en-route passing the territorial waters of Liberia when the slaves ‘masters precisely America decided to abolish this trades. Of which the vessel owner has no choice but to stop over to what was known as the pepper coast in disembarking these strange language speaking people around what is known today in Liberia as Congo Town!

From research, when these new illegal inhabitants landed on the shores of Liberia precisely in the Congo town beat with the fact remaining that there were absolutely no immigration formalities the then so-called free slaves from America who were living in what was known as pepper coast the city center refused up-rightly that these Congo guys were not welcome in the city center due to the kind of language spoken by them!

Notwithstanding, let go back to the refusal of the status quo ante by successes generations which are still today visible in all facets of the Liberian society with each regime surfacing to power with their arranged kinds of people including crooks, cronies, tribal foot soldiers and the rest who will run the affairs of thieveries refusing to provide the basic social needs of the very masses whose elected them to power to manage their affairs!

From time in memorial, regimes in governance positions only give opportunities to people they feel comfortable with either from the same political parties, tribal groupings, sex-mates, relatives etc! Ironically, I hear from the narrow thinking of Liberians politicians politic is interest and as such only bird of the same feathers must be the ones to benefit from these opportunities be it educational, social and the rest in order to perpetually keep them into the corridors of power!

Liberians has refused to accept the status quo ante for lots of un-explain reasons to the extent that when the military junta headed by lesser known Samuel K. Doe with Liberian expectation that the dawn of a new day has come for the grass-rooters! But little did they the grass-rooter know that the unnecessary killing of professional Liberians was the worst ever in the history of the Country as they Liberians were to embrace themselves for the worst ever and you know the story that got Liberia and Liberians to where she is today!

Though in my youth, in the early 80’s I re-called vividly that when these disgruntle so-called enlisted men came to power through the assistant of an unknown power as evidence was that these guys never had the requisite experiences in over throwing a well grounded regime such as the True Wing Party and running a nation such as Liberia but was embraced due to ignorance by the larger population!

What appears on the surface as the so-called liberators was a nightmare in disguise to be unleashed on the excited but illiterate generation then! They too resisted the status quo ante and choose to follow the paths of personal wealth accumulations, playing blind eyes on the revamping of the ever poor health sector, never rehabilitating bad farms to markets roads in order to empower the local farming communities and more disgustingly the ever backward trend of the Liberian educational system that the power ever in Liberia vow never to allow it come on pile with international standards! Absolute nonsense if our administration allows the status quo!

But, interestingly their children, spourses, nieces, nephews and sex-mates are benefitting from the opportunities provided by the tax payer’s monies and foreign governments that should open the corridors of learning for the better good of the Nation in term of human resource development! Rejecting the status quo ante!

Liberians woke up to another scenario, where in they thought by voting their relatives, tribal people into this all powerful branch of government the Legislative branch, their interests will be first and fore more since in the pass it was alleged that those at the time referred to as Americo-Liberian I mean the free slaves that was brought in this Country by an NGO known as the American Colonization Society that govern this Nation for hundred and twenty plus years yet accused of bad governance which prompted this fourteen years of useless stupid blood bath that has no definite winner but victims! Gross disregard to the status quo ante!

Today, you’ve all of the tribal groupings represented at that level of governance yet the same result including lack of interest for the suffering masses in the Country that is listed 5th on the world poorest nations according to a video documentary on YouTube that they were elected to do their works in managing the affairs of their natural resources that continues to be plunder or pillage by the very elect! Relegating the status quo ante!

Liberians at what time in the live of this Nation (Liberia) that total change meaning the STATUS QUO ANTE will be allow for the better good of the Nation that history has proven that she is Africa’s oldest independence nation though not colonized by any of the then super power but rather dump free slaves that their usefulness were no more needed in the Americas as their population was swollen thus posting problem for the slaves ‘masters and the then pepper coast were the suitable dumping site for this nongovernmental organization!

The people of this Nation must wake up to the realization that allowing these blood sucking vampire’s masquerading as politicians in the midst of almost every so-called investments folding out leaving thousands of Liberians vulnerable in determining their own designate in the face of goodwill from the international communities that are yet to be felt in the lives of the ordinary Liberians! I am tempted to believe what one of Liberia’s prolific musician Tarcoon J song which says that they lied to us, they fool us and they used us! Allowing the status quo is what that matters now and nothing else!

The Author Joe Noutoua Wandah is a Liberian broadcast journalist and can be reach at +231776590725/+231886224134 or Email: [email protected]

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