15.09.2016 Feature Article

300 Liberians To Benefit Jobs From China’s Second Most Expensive Undertaking In Africa!!!!!

...As Liberia’s Capitol Building Expansion & Ministerial Complex Come Live With Chinese Sixty Millions United States Dollars Gesture…..
300 Liberians To Benefit Jobs From Chinas Second Most Expensive Undertaking In Africa!!!!!
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A little over three hundreds Liberians professionals and casual laborers will benefit jobs for the next eighteen months as a result the People’s Republic of China continues gesture to the People of Liberian in her reconstruction drives.

About a year plus now the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pay a two days visit to the President and people of Liberia just the Ebola crisis subsided and promised that China was ready in Liberia’s reconstruction drives and as evidence the engineers where to come back to continues the their assessment for the construction of ultra modern ministerial complex and the expansion of the National Legislature.

Foreign Minister Yi told the President of Liberia H.E Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in his remarked that his Country as sign of the good partnership between the Countries China was the first Country to risk her military medical team when touch down at the Roberts international airport with tons of millions dollars worth of medications for the Liberians people when the entire world was asking her people out of Liberia due to the Ebola decease.

In his concluding statement, the Chinese diplomat says that his government is joining with the government and people of Liberia in their drives for Liberia’s reconstructions and the development of the human resource capacities especially Liberia’s youthful community in giving them skills without attaching ant string!

Barely a forth night ago teams of Chinese engineers are seem in Monrovia the Liberian Capital at the various site including the seat of the first branch of government the Legislature for the expansion work s and the Israeli constructed uncompleted National defense headquarter of the Armed forces of Liberia in oldest Congo a suburb of Monrovia fencing the perimeters’ of the area.

Speaking in an exclusive but brief interview with this writer, via mobile phone the Deputy Head of the President Delivery Unit (PDU) at the Ministry of States Mr. Amos Siebo Jr. said that the Ministry of Public works and the Chinese engineers has been in series of meetings geared toward implementing the second more expensive undertaking by the Chinese in Africa in Liberia for months now.

Mr. Siebo indicated that the constructions work at the Capitol building and that of the Ministerial complex will last for 18 months affording a little over 300 Liberian professional and casual laborers benefitting jobs in various fields. Accordingly the Ministerial complex will be compares of six ultra modern buildings with five been use for agencies of government and ministries and one use for multipurpose facilities whiles the Capitol building will added with additional two wings facing the Executive Mansionhe asserted. He also said that the Chinese indicated that constant electricity and water system are prime priorities during their work at the seat of the law makers.

The deputy head of the President delivery Unit said that two companies are presently on the ground to carry on these constructions works including China Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Co. Ltd. For the ministerial complex while China Jiangsu Jiangdu Construction Group Co. Ltd will do the Capitol building.

Mr. Siebo also indicated that the Ministry of Public works is seriously alongside the Chinese engineering team considering constructing an over path routes in order to decongest the traffic from Sinkorand that of the ELWA junction during the morning and evening hours. He said that the reasons are that vehicle owners who got no absolute activities at any of the ministries or agencies of government will have the free passage from either side whiles those wanting to transact business at these agencies and ministries will freely drive to the complex to do their activities.

In a related development Public Works Minister Judy Moore indicated that the Liberian ministerial complex and the expansion of the Legislature is the second more expensive undertaking by the People’s Republic of China in Africa costing sixty millions United States dollars ( Minister Moore made this disclosure recently in Monrovia when he appears on a local talk show.

It can be recalled that the Chinese government through the Ambassador accredited near Monrovia H.E Ambassador Zhang Yue at the farewell reception for the 2016 scholarship beneficiaries held the Chinese Embassy said that as part of China’s promised to the people of Liberia the bilateral scholarship will be increase to additional 25 slogs thus making the Chinese government scholarship to 75 slogs for Liberia.

Speaking further, Ambassador Yue said that the Chinese government provided 11 slogs of one year Master scholarship and about 200 training opportunities for Liberians students, professionals and military officials just for this year programs.

He said in addition, the Chinese government has also provided the Chinese Ambassador scholarship and Chinese enterprises scholarship to good-performance students in the various universities and colleges inLiberia and it is of great significance that more than 300 Liberian students benefit from scholarship every year as part of the Chinese people promises to the People of Liberia in building up the human resource capacities as well.