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Liberia’s Woes Squarely Lay To The Foot Of Her Citizenry!!!!!

Liberias Woes Squarely Lay To The Foot Of Her Citizenry!!!!!
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African’s oldest Republic (Liberia) is yet to grapple with the realizations of her age old generational “WOES” which are those traditional bad attitudes pass on from her forefathers to current generation including LACK OF LOVE FOR ONE COUNTRY, ME, MYSELF AND I AND USING THE NATION’S WEALTH’S FOR PERSONAL GAIN IN SUPPORTING FAMILIES AND EXTRA RELATIONS IN FOREIGN LAND TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE SUFFERING MASSES!

Survey done on the ordinary and so-called educated class in Liberia, has shown that Liberians has been indoctrinated to believed that nothing can happen positively for them in this land called LIBERIA beside getting outside of Liberia for greener pasture!

This is a Nation that a school going child when ask what you make of Liberia he or she will clearly tell you that “Look, my parents told me that from the birth of this Nation everyone just fight harder for their wards/families to get out for brighter future in foreign land as Liberia got absolutely nothing to offer we the young people desirer of brighter futures”!

My survey also brought to my understanding, the views those students holds when they leave high schools such as they want to venture into money making careers such as financial related courses and politic in order to allow them steal to support their dreams of living lavish lifestyle and sending their families abroad for better life as Liberia is a hustle land and nothing good will ever happen here!

Evidences are the numerous stealing cases in most of our commercial institutions involving young universities graduates whose photograph has been published in local dailies in recent pass!

Liberians accordingly are fond of keeping grudges, thus impeding the forward match for the development of its human and infurstrural activities again due to its pass on traditional WOES from their forefathers which claimed that they give birth to this Nation when in truism they never meant well for Liberia!

In 1816 the American Colonization Society (ACS) was founded in the USA to resettle former slaves in Africa. Some of its founders were abolitionists who viewed a return of former slaves to Africa as the best way to restore the dignity of victimized blacks, while others saw the scheme as a vehicle to rid the United States of free blacks, spread Christianity in Africa, or make money through trade.

Some other research documents that I have been privilege to had it that when the so-called founding members of the American colonization Society ( ACS)came to Liberia in search of home after the abolishment of slavery by the then super powers. These strangers, decided as part of their promises to the leadership then in the Americas they members of the ACS will make sure to establish better school systems for the indigenous that they inherited!

But to the amazement, of the indigenous the settlers choose to send their children to Sierra Leone the then British colony due to their good educational system despite their previous promised obligations to their inherited land owners! This was beginning of the indoctrinations of our forefathers to this lack of love for one Country, me, myself and I and using the nation’s wealth for personal gain in supporting families and extra relations in foreign land!

Liberians since these indoctrinations, as early as the 1800s when the settlers came to this pepper coast that once traded with the Mali and other kingdoms to their north. One of the tribal groups in the territory at the time known as the Kru especially took up trade with European merchants beginning in the 15th century, initially in minerals and spices, and later with slaves from the interior.

It was alleged, that by the 18th century, the Kru sailors were a common sight on European ships engaged in the slave trade. According to oral tradition, Kru escaped slavery themselves by making a bargain with the Europeans; slaves could be transported across their territory as long as Kru themselves were not enslaved. Therefore Kru wore a tattoo - a vertical line down the center of their forehead - so they would be identified. Kru received slaves from inland societies and transferred them to Europeans.

Again, the problems of Liberia as a Nation is not leadership but continues self-indoctrination of Liberians opportune to serve their people that has become the new Congo boys in the word of the late Liberian Ambassador Carlton karpeh “the new type of Congo’s are the native boys”!

Those Liberians considered indigenous sons and daughters of the Land(LIBERIA) has put on new garments and dancing to the tunes by supporting families/extra relations outside of Liberia yet still pointing accusing fingers at the empty blue sky! Research has shown the last decades plus saw migrations of quote on quote native alongside families and extra relations to the Americas, Europe, Asia and other parts of Africa for better life as compared to living in hell Liberia which they allegedly stole billions of dollars intended for growths and developments of Liberia!

Joe Noutoua Wandah is a Liberian broadcast Journalist, Columnist and writer and can be reach at Email:[email protected] and Mobile: +231776224134/+231886224134

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