Thu, 09 Aug 2012 Feature Article

Fare thee well President Mills and "Damirifa Due, Due ne Amanehunu"

Fare thee well President Mills and Damirifa Due, Due ne Amanehunu
09 AUG 2012 LISTEN

The Greatest of the Greatest has fallen. That Mighty Tree by the banks of Lake Bosomtwe has sadly withered prematurely. In the midst of abundant water, the arborists starved the tree of water. Truly, in the midst of plenty, there was total starvation. Was their intention diabolic and if so, what did they stand to gain?

Did our ancestors not pre-warn us by the goat's story? Did the goat that intend to spoil her owner's wall by dragging her body along the length of the wall on daily and constant basis not in effect damaging her skin? Was it not so with the tree doctors (arborists) who mischievously curtailed the supply of water to that mighty tree by the banks of Lake Bosomtwe? They did not only erect impenetrable concrete wall to prevent water reaching the roots of the tree but also pruned the roots mercilessly.

Now that the tree has withered with all the leaves fallen, the birds are fluttering without any shade over their heads. Their nests are widely exposed, lying precariously within the reach of predators that can sight them from afar.

What do the wicked caretakers that failed sorrowfully in their duty to the tree stand to gain? They stand to encounter the visitation of misery but nothing beneficial. Imagine that proverbial cripple who chose to drag his buttocks on the floor. In his warped estimation, he was doing his mum harm but in the end, he had bruised his buttocks.

President Mills, fare thee well. All those closer to you and were supposed to take good care of you but malevolently failed to will regret their mischief sooner. When there are no trees to take care of, what will become of the arborists?

Your humility was a vital weapon in the fight to win the re-election for your party. Now that you are no more, that weapon and sympathy of which you were an embodiment has dissipated into the thin air. As the morning fog dissipates with the rising Sun, so will be the fate of the Castle vultures who by their unspeakable actions goaded you on when your soul was not willing.

Whatever the circumstance, the die is cast. When the die is cast, there is no turning back. The powerful icy hand of Death has gripped you. We hope God, the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent release you from that tight grip of death into His bosom.

President Mills, may your fate in God guide your soul through to Heaven. As the curtain draws finally tomorrow, Friday 10th August 2012, to remove forever your human body from our sight but not your memories, I say, "Damirefa due, due ne amanehunu"

Rockson Adofo