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Sheikh Hasina please note Sunita Paul is not for sale!

Sheikh Hasina please note Sunita Paul is not for sale!
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Since I started writing on the February Massacre in Bangladesh inside the Bangladesh Riffles headquarters during February 25-26 this year, a large number of people started campaigning against me. Some of them even sent me 'bribe' offers as well as tried to stop my writings through threats. Lately being failed to let me pause writing, they started offering millions (those hard earned money of the people of Bangladesh, of course), to a number of newspapers, which were publishing my writings, with the only request of not entertaining anything from 'Sunita Paul'. Why rulers in Bangladesh are afraid of a “non existent” writer like me? As my readers are aware, there had been series of campaigns in Bangladesh stating there was no one named Sunita Paul, my picture was false etc. I would like to address these points, but before everything else, let me make a point clear. Some of my readers are questioning if I have stopped writing. For their information, NO! I went through a surgery which compelled me in stopping writing for few days. Now, I am getting back my vigor to back to writing and here I begin.

What the present rulers in Bangladesh are doing? Western nations always advocate “Good Governance” in all the countries, especially in those developing and under developed countries in the world. But, I am convinced by now that, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, instead of establishing “good governance” has been very successful in establishing rude governance. Her ministers are continuing to threat people of the country, with the ultimatum of dire consequence if Bangladeshis would ever raise their voice, when the entire country is left in load-shedding due to power crisis, 12-14 hours a day! Tanzim Ahmed Sohel, the junior minister for Home Affairs told reporters that, his government will take stern action against anyone uttering a single word against the government taking the power crisis issue. What a “courageous” statement by the junior minister in the elected autocracy in Bangladesh! How this man could ever dare to utter these words? Does he undermine the power and strength of 150 million people? If minister Sohel has two hands for taking “dire action” people of Bangladesh has at least 300 to counter such rudeness. This type of threats on the people of the country is continuing for quite sometime by most of the ministers in the cabinet of Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who will be remembered as the worst ever dictators in the history of the world.

Hasina and her men's red-eyes are bringing us back to the past days of Nazi forces in Germany under the command of notorious Hitler or even those dictators in Communist Soviet Union or even China.

Before we assess the reason behind such audacity by the ministers in Bangladesh on the people of this extremely peace-loving nation, we must remember that Awami League believes in Socialism as their party's manifesto. So, naturally they are rightly behaving like autocrats, and in socialism, there is no previous record of tolerance by any of the governments.

The country is also suffering from acute water crisis as well as number of unemployment in Bangladesh is continuing to increase although in her electoral manifesto, Hasina promised to provide job for minimum 15,000 people every day. Since the past 100 plus days of the government, instead of creation of job facilities, more than 400,000 people turned jobless. There had been above 100 murders in the past 100 plus days. Rapes of religious minorities and illegal grabbing of their properties by the thugs of the ruling party is reaching all time record. There is extortion at such an alarming level that many of the foreign investors in Bangladesh are planning to withdraw their investments fearing security lacking.

Price of essentials are once again flying rocket high leaving more sufferings for the people of Bangladesh. There is virtually no life in the civil administration as the present government is continuing to extremely polarize such administrations with their own cadres, while setting many of the efficient civil bureaucrats into side line for reason well assumed.

And of course, there is no real news about the ongoing probe reports on the BDR massacre. It was already reported that the government has reshuffled the probe committees many a times, with the aim of putting their own people, who would come up with a report made on order. Trial of the killers, patrons and instigators of this brutal massacre is even a far reality. Government is virtually on into direct confrontation with the Armed Forces, and possibly, it is a question of existence of the Bangladesh Army for the first time, after the era of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Shall Sheikh Hasina Wajed ever let a neutral probe report be published on the BDR massacre? My personal opinion is NO! She will even do anything in stopping the trial process, as she knows many of the big fishes within her own party and even family are active involved in this heinous crime.

Finally, the ruling government being failed to buy my pen are continuing to buy those newspapers, which are publishing my write ups. They even are successful in stopping a few from publishing anything from me. I know the mystery behind such secret deals.

But, to remind the rulers in Dhaka, it is really difficult for anyone to stop a pen in today's world. I will continue to fight all evils with my pen, no matter how many newspapers carry it. This is a fight for bringing justice for the people of Bangladesh and the members of those martyred army officers and violated female members of those army men. Before I see justice, it won't be possible for me to rest. Let Awami League government do anything in suffocating my pen. If they know, truth shall prevail; they will stop such dirty actions now. Otherwise, ti me will tell them the deserved consequence!

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