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06.02.2009 Feature Article

New Formulae of Obama's Peace

The analyst of American foreign policy say that America does not change its main policies regarding defence, foreign or finance, what so ever party may be in office either Democrats or republicans and who so ever the president be there. At the same time it must be kept in mind that the analysts are giving opinions about that America that has taken a new and unexpected step by electing a non-white president. That may represent a change in the basic principle. Obviously the new thoughts of the American public behind this change cannot be ignored. Surprisingly, on the one side the so called 'struggle of culture' in the world is in full swing and at the same time, during all these, the American public has elected Barak Hussein Obama as the president of America. So naturally Barak H. Obama is morally responsible to fulfil the promises done to the American people and to give solid forms to the hopes that American people have from him. Among the hopes are to save America from the economic depression, to fight unemployment prevalent there, to establish world peace and to improve the American image.

At present Obama has the challenge to face economic depression, to fight terrorism at world level, to deal with Israel- Palestine problem and to form a good image before the Muslim world. All these external challenges are directly related to the American economy. Obama is very well aware of all these issues. That is why, last day, during his one of the important decisions he made a cut of 30percent in the aid being given to Pakistan. America will be able to do a handsome saving by closing the Guantanamo bay jail. Obviously when Obama has taken such a decision in the first fortnight of assuming his office, it is not wrong to think that keeping in view of its economic condition, America can rethink about its foreign and defence policies.

The relation between Iran and America are going from bad to worse since the religious revolution in Iran in 1979. Both the countries disliked every step taken by the other. The hatred between the two countries crossed the limits when at the time of devastating earthquake in Baam area of Iran, a few years back, Iran refused to accept the aid on the human grounds given by the US. The US has broken its political relations with Iran since the time when the students & youths of Islamic Revolution had taken the custody of American embassy in Tehran. But after the assuming the office as the President by Obama, Iran has expressed its soft behaviour by sending good wishes & congratulations to Obama through President Ahmedinejad of Iran. At the same time, Ahmedinejad has said that if Obama brings real changes in the American basic policies, the behaviour of Iran will be cooperative. And if he follows the policies of George Bush, Iran will stick to its demeanour. On the other side, Obama has also expressed his desire to talk to Iran. Only this much progress between the two countries, clearly shows that coming time may bring unexpected changes in the policies of America. It can be thought that the last head of American administration was declaring Iran as the "Axis of Satan"; the new has no hesitation to talk to that Iran.

In fact the main reason of annoyance between America & most of the Muslim countries including Iran is American policy of Israel. Whereas many Muslim countries have broken their relations with Israel, at the same time if we talk of the present rule of Iran or of President Ahmedinejad, he doesn't even accept the existence of Israel. Sometimes back the former President Ahmedinejad stirred the world by saying that they would make Israel disappear from the world map. That day has not come yet & shouldn't come when a nation challenges the existence of another nation or tries to do so. But last days, the action taken by Israel Army against Hamas showed as Israel was desirous of finishing the people of Gaza in the name of finishing Hamas. All over the world, it was taken as a surprise that Israel took the action as if there was no check over it. The reason behind was that it had American patronization over Israel & nothing else. Only it is to be said here that Obama should rethink its policy over Israel & should not follow it blindfold. It should prepare such a policy that is agreeable to Arab countries including Iran. At the same time, it should look into the benefit of Israel & the people of Palestine. Obama should present America in a new look that should show that it is talking a language of justice & no partiality.

To ascertain the American policy of peace in the world, America should seriously rethink about the deployment of U S armies in the world. It is being seen that disturbance of peace & anarchy is mostly due to the presence of the American army in many countries. At present America is the only country in the world that spends the biggest amount over its expansion of army in the world. America that spends hundreds of billions of dollars for its army needs has about 6000 army bases in USA. Besides America is the country that has the maximum number of army bases in other parts of the world. America has set up about 600 to 800 army bases in about 130 countries of the world. Many of these bases are at secret places. According to an estimate, America owns about one fourth of the army bases of the world. Undoubtedly there are some of the bases of American army where America had to establish without any invitation such as in Afghanistan & Iraq. Whereas some bases, such as in Pakistan, America had to set up for its friendship or according to its far off policies. At the same time there are some countries as Kuwait, Georgia & Kyrgyzstan, where the rulers or the governments of those countries have properly invited American army to set up their bases for their own safety.

Now the question arises, if the economic depression in America, worldwide opposition of the American army, & the internal anger of the American people for the worldwide deployment of the American army allow America to continue the controversial foreign & defence policies. Do Obama's statements about world peace & a big change not bunt at that America is going ahead towards a big basic change? Now it is to be seen that Obama who talks of providing the basic amenities such as bread, cloth & house to every one in the poor countries even will be able to compromise with the policies of hard America to liberal America. For it how far there will be rethinking of his policies about the American army bases & good relations with the Muslim world?

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