The Paradoxical Thinking Experience: Why Bawumia Keeps Lying All The Time To Praise Himself

Feature Article The Paradoxical Thinking Experience: Why Bawumia Keeps Lying All The Time To Praise Himself

Ghanaians, including politicians, are aware of Bawumia's chronic lying, and what's troubling about this endless habit is that he doesn't seem to feel guilty or ashamed about it. Throughout the 2015 campaign, both Bawumia and Akufo Addo made promises they couldn’t fulfill and also told many lies against John Mahama, whom they deemed to be corrupt and incompetent. Ghanaians were startled when Bawumia assumed the vice presidency and completely forgot what he had said before taking office.

Although lying and cheating are wrong, and adults always teach their kids the consequences of lying, there are numerous ways lies are culturally validated and permeated into politics and society, having an impact on the populace as well as society. However, since lying has helped African political parties, they don't think it's bad; instead, they view anyone who exposes them for lying as a threat and pursues them. This is one of the main problems that Ghana is currently facing, and it has no answers.

The vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, has enjoyed deceit and lying more than any other politician in Ghana. He is unable to stop himself; the more Ghanaians, writers, journalists, and the media call attention to Bawumia's falsehoods and deceit, the more he does it. Any wise Ghanaian would be cautioned by this grave issue: that a person of that caliber becoming president poses a threat to the nation. He would keep lying, just as he did when he told Ghanaians that he had created 2.5 million jobs.

No matter how much Bawumia's unfulfilled promises are interpreted as purposeful fabrications of facts or lies, the man is a liar who should never have been allowed to remain in politics, let alone to be president. People will view someone as a chronic liar if they desire power and are able to convince others to vote for them on the basis of promises they made, and then that person breaks those promises when they assume office. Bawumia is one such individual.

Since I don’t hate Bawumia, it's important to bring to the attention of Ghanaians, some of the articles I wrote about his falsehoods and deceptions, a serious problem that he is unwilling to change. After the vice president falsely claimed that the UGEIP is an empowerment, leverage, and value creation of the NPP's strategic focus on the economy and human capital development within this COVID-19 era, I wrote on November 5, 2021, "Bawumia, if you stop telling lies, I will stop writing about you."

On April 10, 2023, I wrote about Buwumia's lies once more in an article titled “Bawumia doesn’t even care about Ramadan, he has lied.” I brought to Ghanaians' attention Bawumia’s claim that the NDC under John Mahama created unemployment during the eight years that the party ruled the country from 2009 to 2017, while the NPP created 2.1 million jobs. The NPP government is happy and feels great about these lies, but they are bad for the country and its citizens.

When Bawumia, the vice president, is permitted to be president, he will continue to tell endless lies about the things he hasn't accomplished and feel good about them. The NPP has incurred huge debt without accountability, and even though they have denied the stronghold of the of the NPP in the Ashanti Region development, Bawumia keeps lying to Ghanaians of creating 2.5 million jobs. Why should any intelligent Ghanaian who cares about the country's progress and the well-being of the next generation, trust someone like Bawumia?

Most Ghanaian politicians view politics merely as a way to enrich themselves, and to obtain that power, they don't bother visiting dark places or using humans for sacrifice. In the end, many fail as politicians and have no feelings for the poor, suffering masses. Bawumia has turned into an annoyance rather than a success, and he will keep using falsehoods and deceit to promote himself until astute Ghanaians remove him from office without any possible chances of vote rigging in 2024 .

In advanced nations, a leader must step down after breaking even one pledge; nevertheless, in Ghana, a vice president has broken over thirty commitments and still aspires to be president. Ghanaians should be extremely cautious before even considering voting for Bawumia because he constantly gives himself credit for stealing Mahama's innovations. This is because he has nothing to show the people of Ghana.

How serious are Ghanaians as a nation if they will accept a president who has lied about all of his accomplishments, including broken pledges, and the creation of jobs? Unless there is vote-rigging, Bawumia has no chance of defeating Mahama on any platform. However, that is unlikely to occur because most Ghanaians are fed up with the way the NPP government has destroyed their country, its economy, businesses, and investments, and how it still disrespects both the Constitution and the people.