Ghana’s Election 2024: Why Does America Always Interfere In Other Countries Affairs?

Feature Article Ghanas Election 2024: Why Does America Always Interfere In Other Countries Affairs?

When I saw the article "U.S. Embassy Trains Social Media Managers, Digital Influencers on Disinformation" yesterday, my immediate thought was, "Why does America always meddle in the affairs of other countries? The US government's primary justification for its actions is promoting democracy worldwide. However, it also instigates conflict, political agitation, and even war on the pretext of advancing this noble objective. Ghana, in my opinion, does not require the US to be near our elections.

According to the report, ahead of Ghana's 2024 elections, the US Embassy in Ghana has trained bloggers, social media managers, and digital influencers on how to identify false and misleading content. Even though the US Embassy claims that the workshop program is to track misinformation, I firmly believe that the US government has a different objective to play in favor of the corrupt NPP government in power, since the US Embassy in Ghana has been happy about Akufo Addo’s refusal to sign the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

I have written extensively about the US government’s crimes in developing nations, their support for corrupt governments in developing nations, and also their role in destabilizing economies to cause problems for the general public if they disagree with the ruling party. I did note in my recent articles that Akufo Addo knows that the NPP is going to the opposition; one of the reasons he has declined to sign the anti-gay bill is that he wants the US government to support the continuation of his corrupt and destructive regime.

It's even possible that Akufo Addo has asked the US government to assist in rigging the results of the election to make the quack economist and professional liar Bawumia president. In any case, Ghanaians, not the US administration, are in charge of their own territory. Ghanaians have the right to resist foreign aggression, even if it is approved by the government. Although Akufo Addo dwells on corruption and violence, he will not succeed in using the US government to achieve his goals.

In response to Stephanie Sullivan, the former US ambassador to Ghana, asking Akufo Addo for assistance in combating vigilantism in Ghana, on March 3, 2019, I wrote an article titled "Nana Akufo Addo Must Not Accept US Government's Help In Solving Vigilantism Threat In Ghana." So why is the US meddling in Ghana’s elections? Considering how deceitful they are, nothing about what the US Embassy has planned to do during the 2024 elections make sense to any rational person.

America provides weaponry, deploys troops to other nations, meddles in domestic politics, and aids in the overthrow of regimes. While overtly endorsing Iran, the US administration also sent covert armaments to Iraq and was responsible for the overthrow and murder of Saddam Hussein. Approximately 1,700 civilians were murdered in Yugoslavia as a result of US airstrikes. Even though the US Embassy has been in Haiti for a long time, the country is still among the poorest and is currently experiencing violence.

I will not allow Ghana to become like Haiti; as such, I will caution Ghanaians to exercise extreme caution and maintain a close watch on individuals whom the US Embassy represents as sources of false information. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana, has written extensively about the evil designs the US has for Africa, thus, I shall warn Ghanaians not to allow any foreign mission to help the Electoral Commission rig the 2024 presidential election.

The only way Ghanaians can stop Akufo Addo from getting foreign help to rig elections in the nation is to make him sign the bill, and if he refuses, he should be impeached to save the country because he is a tyrant who is destined to destroy Ghana with his fake democracy that is supported by the United States.