IGP Dampare's Abuse Of Power Manifested In The Arrest Of The Man Who Insulted Akufo Addo

Feature Article IGP Dampare's Abuse Of Power Manifested In The Arrest Of The Man Who Insulted Akufo Addo
MAY 22, 2023 LISTEN

In terms of effectiveness and competence, John Mahama is one of Ghana's best presidents after Kwame Nkrumah. However, he suddenly became the target of tribalism and received insults regularly from all over the nation. Apart from Ghanaians that rained insults on the former Ghanaian leader, the current president, Akufo Addo, the vice president, Mahamudu Bawumia, and his wife, all insulted Mahama, yet; he didn't arrest anyone; therefore, why should Dampare arrest someone for insulting Akufo Addo? Does it mean that the president is a tyrant under a dictatorship camouflaged democracy?

Akufo Addo's appointees in the field of law regularly abuse their positions of authority to win his favor. As you can see, the fall of Ghana as a country is due to both pervasive corruption and improper application of the law. George Dampare believes it is necessary to detain a hungry victim of corruption, who insulted the president out of his frustration, but it is acceptable for a corrupt president to steal public money, including COVID funds, use taxpayers’ money for extramarital affairs, engage in illegal mining, and gold trade with impunity, while all those malpractices are affecting the poor people.


George Dampare, the Inspector General of Police, continues to abuse his position of authority, by using intimidation and causing fear within Ghanaians to prevent them from criticizing the despotic ruler.

I continue to write about Dampare, not because I hate him, but rather because of how his abuse of authority and partisan service is harming the country. Although the president appointed the Inspector General of Police that does not mean that he must just serve the president's interests. How can I continue to defend Dampare, a policeman who struggles to look into the deaths of J. B. Danquah-Edu and Ahmed Hussein-Suale?

That’s why I entirely agree with Ken Agyapong's assertion about the murder of the NPP politician. According to the MP for Assin Central, to avoid George Dampare, who wasn’t then the Inspector General of Police to investigate the homicide of J.B. Danquah-Edu, he was transferred to a different place. Since then, Dampare has declined to look into the case because he is aware that a high-ranking individual authorized the murder. More crucially, he has been appointed Inspector General of Police to reward him and stop looking into the murder case.

Can someone from Ghana confirm a time when the president mentioned the NPP politician's passing? This government's ruling party is represented by J.B. Danquah-Edu, but ever since he was cruelly murdered, Akufo Addo has never acknowledged him or asked Dampare to look into the matter and bring those responsible to justice. Both the death of the politician and that of the late journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale, are still unsolved crimes as of right now. This makes it further clearer that there are important persons involved in the deaths of the two people.

Even if you are illiterate, it is relatively simple to look into and examine the cause of George Dampare's ongoing misuse of authority. I shall consider Dampare to be one of the most dishonest and corrupt police officers ever chosen as Inspector General of Police to serve the country unless he can look into these killings and bring those responsible to justice. I will let Dampare know that he has never impressed me in anything because I live in a country where other police officers provide services to the community and their works aren't as dishonest and corrupt as his.

Dampare is a component of this harmful government and he is the reason why so many suffering young people kill themselves. Including the corrupt Supreme Court judges and the Attorney General, Godfred Dame, they have enough to eat with their families, so he is spared the everyday misery those poor Ghanaians endure. Dampare won't ever detain somebody for defaming the president if he sincerely understands the plight of the vulnerable people. Does he believe that arresting the man will help the economy or advance him to be a better IGP? In my opinion, no.

Many people are afraid to write about the sensitive problems that are destroying our country. In all honesty, Dampare is the worst IGP in Ghana's political history. Ghana wouldn't be in this terrible condition if Dampare is doing a good job and Akufo Addo is as smart as Mahama. I tried my best to explain things to him, but because he simply came to plunder the country since he believes Ghana owes his incompetent father, our nation has now descended into a state of despair. Dampare has repeatedly failed, and as a result, his resignation ought to have been effective immediately.

When security personnel acting on the president's orders drew a gun on the Ghanaian-Canadian nurse, were the offenders apprehended? Did George Dampare detain Bryan Acheampong for making the treasonous claim that "the NPP will never hand over power to the NDC?” Did Dampare arrest Rev. Kusi Boateng for his corruptible deals associated with the cathedral? Since Akufo Addo is in power, he failed to arrest those who go against the law in this government. Dampare, remember that everything has its time, never assume that your position will last forever; before you know it, you'll be under a new administration and grinning from the wrong side of your mouth.