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The Effects Of Tribalism/Ethnocentrism And Religion

The Effects Of TribalismEthnocentrism And Religion
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I have come under several attacks with my view on the topic I am coming to talk about.

Tribalism and ethnocentrism work hand in hand.

These have caused lots of havoc to our nation and many countries.

Rwanda went into civil war because of this.

In Ghana today, there are several people who will never allow their children to marry from certain tribes even if they're members of the same church. I've even seen and heard priests who have vehemently rejected the relationship of their daughters and sons to the opposite sex they loved so much, on the basis of tribe.

There are several single parents out there today, who are in that predicament because of their choices.

Some people have died because of this.

In Pakistan, some fathers go to the extent of poisoning or shooting their children because of their choice of partners.

Why chose a tribe/ethnicity over love?

Why is it so wrong for an Ewe to marry an Asante?

Why is it so wrong for an Asante to marry a northerner?

Why is it wrong for a Ga to marry a Fante?

We all know that love is supreme in all things and wherever love goes, there should be liberty, peace, oneness, and understanding.

There are lots of people married to people from the same tribe/ethnic group but facing several challenges.

It's high time we focus on the love that coexists between us than the tribes we were born into.

I've never traveled outside Ghana and been asked: Are you an Asante?

All that they ask is: Are you a Ghanaian or Where are you from?

And whenever I am asked the latter, I can't answer: I come from Asante. I rather respond: I come from Ghana and it's even boldly written in the passport.

Again, the religion that is supposed to create oneness has been creating division, segregation, and hatred.

I don't see why a Muslim can't marry a Christian and vice versa nor a Buddhist marrying a Muslim or the vice versa or a Hindu marrying a Christian and vice versa.

Even within the same Christendom, some churches will "never" allow their members to marry outside theirs.

We all claim to believe in God. So what's the fuss about we marrying among ourselves?

There are countless people in marriages who are virtually living a single life. Some have been committing adultery, all because they were not allowed to marry the people they dearly and truly loved.

Let's not allow this segregation to continue.

We should think of the peace, happiness, and joy of our loved ones.

We shouldn't push people they don't love on them.

We should guide them in their choices.

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