Say No To Galamsey In Asante Mampong

Feature Article Say No To Galamsey
NOV 25, 2022 LISTEN
Say No To Galamsey


Mr. President,
We have seen letters from your appointee, the Chief Executive Officer for the Minerals Commission, Mr. Martin Ayisi to the MCE for Mampong Municipal with Ref: 12/SF19/Vol.3, asking him to submit written statements from land owners whom will be affected by mining activities since their lands have been earmarked for mining by Active Target Mineral Resource Ltd, which was registered on 28th September 2022 and has the owners as Mr. Prosper Gadoh and Celestine Gadoh per our checks.

Mr. President, this is not the first time the Minerals Commission has granted permits to companies to mine gold in the municipality. The first permit was in 2020 to Erant Company Ltd, which was registered in 2019, just a year before they got their permit to mine gold in our cherished municipality.

Mr. President, on all two-occasions, Nananom of Mampong Traditional Council wrote formally to the Minerals Commission and even copied the Chief of Staff, the minister of Lands and Natural Resources about their displeasure and how they disapprove of any intention to do surface mining to destroy the water bodies and the lands of their people.

We, the natives of Asante Mampong, are in full support, of Nananom and want to congratulate them for fighting to save our towns for generations yet unborn.

Mr. President, if you have forgotten, we want to remind you of all the pledges you made and the oaths you swore to protect the lands and natural resources of the country during your swearing-in on 7th January 2017 and 7th January 2021 respectively. Sir, again, you promised Nananom and Ghanaians on Wednesday, 5th October 2022, when you met the National House of Chiefs about your unwavering war against galamsey and how you needed their unflinching support to win the war.

Mr. President, we do not want to believe you want to relent and allow your appointees to discredit and disregard your words and command.

We want to remind you, that one of your daughters is a royal of Asante Mampong. Therefore, you owe her and the generations after her a legacy they will be exhilarated by. Lastly, your minister, Mr. Samuel Jinapor was born and had his Basic education in Asante Mampong and named after Opanin Samuel Agyei of blessed memory.

Mr. President, as natives and residents of Asante Mampong, we will do everything within our means to prevent the destruction of our lands left undestroyed by our forefathers as our Constitution admonishes us to do.

We ask that you take immediate steps to call your Minister of Lands and Natural Resources and the CEO of the Minerals Commission to order. We want them and you to know, that we are not interested in any form of mining in our traditional area and will never be interested.

God bless Ghana!
God bless Asanteman!
God bless Nananom!
God bless all Ghanaians who love the nation!
Cc: Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
Samuel A. Jinapor