How Long Will The Suffering Ghanaians Wait For The Tears Of The Member of Parliament, Stephen Amoah, To Deliver Them?

Feature Article How Long Will The Suffering Ghanaians Wait For The Tears Of The Member of Parliament, Stephen Amoah, To Deliver Them?
MAY 13, 2022 LISTEN

I will never forget the era of John Mahama, when things were better, prices of commodities were affordable and the currency, the Cedi, was much stronger compared to the currently depressed Cedi, amid a collapsed economy. Yet, the Member of Parliament for Nhyeaso, Stephen Amoah, was sent by 'God' to cry for the deliverance of ordinary Ghanaians, whom the NPP party claimed were suffering in the hands of John Mahama.

The frustrated and hungry Member of Parliament, five years ago, during an interview when he was campaigning for the current Ghanaian leader, Nana Akufo Addo, faked a cry, claiming Ghanaians were suffering and they wanted a change. That change did happen, and John Mahama lost the presidential race to the current Ghanaian leader, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufio Addo.


The tribal bigot Member of Parliament, Stephen Amoah, faked a cry pretending he cares about the suffering of ordinary Ghanaians

I have never liked Stephen Amoah since the day I watched him shed those crocodile tears because, even though I am not a psychologist nor clairvoyant, I knew exactly that the tears were fake. After all, the Member of Parliament for Nhyeaso feigned tears just to get other people’s sympathy and get what he was looking for. Can Stephen Amoah compare Ghana today with that of Mahama when he wept?

Recently, according to Stephen Amoah, "Nkrumah contributed to reliance on imports by marrying an Egyptian woman." Stephen Amoah’s discriminatory statement doesn’t only reveal his ignorance but also exposes him as the biggest tribal bigot that has nothing to offer Ghana but only to divide and destroy the country just as Akufo Addo has done.

I have been wondering how Stephen Amoah became a politician, let alone a Member of Parliament because it’s clear that he is not qualified to be a politician. There is no sort of gentleness in him, and when he speaks, even though what he says doesn’t make sense, it sounds so good in his years that I strongly believe that he thinks people admire him. Unfortunately, there is nothing special about this man.

How can any intelligent person trust a politician such as Stephen Amoah? For example, this NPP politician who wept five years ago that Ghanaians were suffering under the leadership of John Mahama was the same person who said, "Whether Ghanaians Like It Or Not, The E-Levy Will Be Passed." The fraudulent theft E-Levy has indeed been passed.

So, who are you to challenge me if I accuse Stephen Amoah of shedding crocodile tears? The man has no conscience, empathy, or feelings for any Ghanaian. Amoah wasn’t a bit sad for the ordinary Ghanaians, as he wanted everyone to believe. If he is a genuine person with a clean heart, he should weep for Ghanaians again because this dreadful system of the NPP is taking people prematurely to their graves.

Look at what Ghana is like today. Who thought that Akufo Addo, despite all his promises to cut taxation and protect the public purse, would be a leader holding the master key to corruption? Nothing is going well under this administration, as the country is deeply in debt and there is no accountability for how the money was spent. Monies, including COVID funds, have disappeared without a trace.

The prices of commodities have sharply risen by over 200%. The price of fuel has increased amid a high rate of unemployment. What baffles me most is the dreadful NPP government's pronouncement about "breaking eight." How and in what way? Even the 2020 election was rigged in favor of Akufo Addo, so it doesn’t make sense for the majority of Ghanaians who don’t want Akufo Addo anymore.

How do Ghanaians expect the country to be successful when it has members of Parliaments such as Stephen Amoah?

I don’t need any stupid prophecy from any so-called Ghanaian prophet to tell me that the NDC or other political party will win because the majority of Ghanaians are not stupid to vote for this NPP government, taking into consideration the agony, suffering, humiliation, disrespect, and compulsory imposition of E-Levy on them. The NPP knows it is impossible to win in 2024. Therefore, they have other plans, but they will all backfire.

Akufo Addo shouldn’t depend on his appointed Electoral Commission boss, Jean Mensah. I have said before and I’m saying it again that Madam Jean Mensah is not too stupid to repeat the same mistakes she made, especially taking into consideration how Akufo Addo has disappointed her miserably and, more importantly, the ordeal she and her family have passed through since after the 2020 election.

It’s a disgrace to Ghanaians that despite all the suffering, everyone is quiet because they are scared of the tyrant Akufo Addo. They called for the crucifixion of John Mahama when the best of his era can’t be compared with this abysmal, suicidal government. How I wish the disgraceful Stephen Amoah would be sincere and bold enough to come and fake another cry to deliver Ghanaians suffering in the hands of Akufo Addo.

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