22.06.2004 Feature Article

This Is Not The NPP We Fought For (PART 111)

By Arshley
This Is Not The NPP We Fought For PART 111
22.06.2004 LISTEN

Ghana's economic, social and political situation she finds herself, reminds me of nothing but, Alan Paton´s book "CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY". Again, I can´t till today understand why human beings and for that matter black people and Africans could be so wicked like the NPP is doing in Ghana.

Yesterday Kuffour was in America to ask for loan cancellation for Ghana, when at home, investors in collaboration with government functionaries are investing in nothing but COCAINE. Countrymen, let us sing the popular Presbyterian song, "ÉBENEZER-Ampara Oyankopon adom ara kwa" and thank Sam Prempeh, for that is how far his God has brought us. Are there people in Ghana or only NPP bootlickers? Ghanaians, if it rained when you were sleeping, now the cook is crowing, wake up-for "Things Are Falling Apart".

When the former Georgian President Edvard Schevardnese was forced to resign, the President of the Georgian parliament, Nino Burdzhanadze, was asked by a journalist (not the likes of Kwaku Baako, Ansaba, Haruna Atta, Gina Blay, Okyere Darko, Dugan from the independent Chronicle) if she was going to candidate for the Presidency. The intelligent woman´s answer was emphatic NO! That, the situation the country found herself needed a competent leader. In Ghana, because of Money and Power, Kuffour would be the last person to say, I have failed. Yet, he continues to blame someone for the mess, he has created himself. If you are a weak leader, you always go in for people with skills to help you solve a country´s problems. Either Kuffour looked for girlfriends, family members, tribesmen and women or i***** like Bamba, Edumadze, Obetsebi-Lamptey, Ameley Tagoe (the boxer) and Asmah-cocoa sack distributer.

They will come to you again for votes as if you are fools, tell them to go and talk to their wealth. Be hard this time around and I tell you, this is how Europe developed their democracy for you to envy their economies at the moment. Look, a nurse I was persuading not to leave Ghana for the West told me, but not Kuffour as president. That, with the likes of Kuffour, then she could likewise be a President of Ghana. This woman has left because she could not bear the ANIMAL FARM society any longer. Sing EBENEZER for Sam Prempeh again.

We are in this mess, because we never understood the learned Professor, when he said he was not going to lie his way into the Castle. He is today exnorated. Let us get someone this time around, who understands the rudiments of government with economics that creat jobs and build THIRD WORLD SOCIETIES, I beg o. Northners the ball is in your court. You do not need Kofi Wayo to elaborate things to you. You are Ghanaians first, but remember the Ghanaian society you find yourself with the Ashanti gives room, for one re-visit the past. Are you better of with the Propertied Party or you want to live in a society where TRIBE will be a thing of the past? I mourn with you over Ya Na, because I hear the very people who masterminded the whole thing, calling you names--Don´t you know Northners, they are violent people. Give me the tools and I will help you to fight and it is now. Fantes and my people Ga Adangbes, what we should hear and see, under this leadership, we have heard and seen. It is, therefore, time for us to pay back. Not neccessarily, with revenge, but help give off our best that the insults from Ashantis about our defeat in their hands during the senseless civil wars in our history do not appear in Ghanaian daily papers again. It is time for us to say it loud -WE SAW THE SO CALLED WHITEMAN FIRST. We speak the English and are better Educated. We also abhor TRIBALISM and MONARCHY in Ghana.

We are suffering because those competent people who never contributed to Kufuor´s presidential ambition in 1998 have been sidelined. Legon lost many lectures through this practice. This is the ASHANTIMAN. Look, since 1996 none of the positions in NPP hasn´t been of importance to them than the post of president. Osei Tutu provided money to that effect, hence one of Kuffour´s ears at Manhyia. Agyeman Badu, Nii Amugi, Amoatia Ofori Panin and many others are of equally important to us in Ghana and come 2004, we shall send that signal across the nation. AKYEMPEM and his friends will understand our predicament and will join our course. Look no boby from NPP will give out his own money to influence your votes--these are YOU and I,our money.When Obetsebi-Lamptey (The GA without a Certificate) and others reach you with money or any material thing, take it and later vote them out. They are crooks and more dangerous than the mafia. If they are commited politicians, who are ready to work for the betterment of Ghana like Dr Mahama says all the time ,they wouldn´t need to give out money to be voted for. These are thieves who are stealing from Ghana, where there is nothing.

Last week, Kufuorr wanted Mr.Schröder, the German chancellor, to help him cancel our debts for us. But Mr Schröder did not mind him. Mr.schröder is not as stupid as our president might take him to be. Mr Schröder is from the Social Democratic Party;lost his father before he was born and having over 7 brothers and sisters.He understands what poverty means. But could not help Ghana in our situation through Mr. Kuffour. Mr Schröder has an ambassador in Ghana and they are really at work and not like Ghanaian Ambassadors. Whatever Kuffour and his people are doing in Ghana, fighting Car Wars and NOT STAR WARS, snatching poor ones wives, intimidating people, recruiting secret policemen, slapping army officers, Ya Na´s murder(African Confidential-19 April,2002)and of course the Visa Office at the Castle are all known to Mr Schröder, hence the refusal to grant the D*** President´s request.

When Thomas Broni will follow a dangerous course of revisiting the Aliens Compliance Order, I could only say `A Leopard does not change its spots´. Here they come again. NPP at it again. I believe, the women-snatcher, Thomas Broni had tutorials from their historian Adu Boahene. Broni forgot what is important at the moment are policies that would not turn Ghanaian women in AMSTERDAM into prostitution. It is the same Amsterdam, Apraku,Boafo and Kuffour planned to jail Salormey and his colleagues when in power(30 june, 2000). What Hypocrisy! We still see the things you blame them for. Lecturers who left Legon, left on protest. Apraku, they were at Legon with you, and after one year in government, you have been able to buy a house of 100,000 dollars and built a Mansion at Akumadan and you accussed Salormey of corruption in Amsterdam-NPP double standards.

The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it-butwe must sail,and not drift,nor lie at anchor.So you see ,all hands must be on deck ,till the task is done

To all who want to see a true FREEDOM, a proper JUSTICE and a good Government, then tell the most arrogant and illiterate Minister of our time, Obetsebi-Lamptey,--Bring your campaign on.