10.06.2004 Feature Article

This Is Not The NPP We Fought For (PART II)

By Arshley
This Is Not The NPP We Fought For PART II
10.06.2004 LISTEN

The NPP after failing Ghanaians, with their neo-liberal policies, have resorted to dirty campaign and I am telling them, we are up to the task. When Kwabena Agyapong, the good for nothing spokesman to the president, will refer to the audience of Prof. Mills in London as ´cleaners´ and a drunkard journalist take it on; I could only join them to say, we accept it. Kwabena, it is not your fault. It is the fault of Ghanaians who always go in for, block-headed and visionless leaders, like Kufuor. If NPP has a concept, it will not take one year for us to see what they want to do. There are selfless leaders around the world and we know those who come with a vision of hope for their country and its people. Of what benefit was Nyanor to Ghana, when at his age and health stayed on till he passed away last month? J. H. Mensah will do the same, because Ghanaians are ´over-respectful´. These ones must be shown the way out immediately. Two years ago, J. H. Mensah told us, he was heading the Civil Service Reform Commission and till today nothing has been reformed. Well, he is not to be blamed. Ameyaw Akumfi, has used his mouth to build our Railway lines to many places in Ghana and now he is moving on to Ouagadougou. These are the men in Ghana at the moment. When these ´mouth contractors´ rule you, your place will not be in Ghana but in London as a cleaner. Even Plantain or cocoyam takes only one year to be harvested and our almighty cocoa, thanks to Nkrumah's vision, takes less than 3 years, to produce something. The get money quick propertied party, the NPP, has established visa office at the castle for it's members to leave the shores of Ghana, whilst we stay for them to kill us slowly with their good for nothing policies. Today, under the NPP, foreign Embassies are tightening things up for Ghanaian applicants. Bamba is gone, but the remnants are still there. Call the name Kennedy(MP), call Apraku, Anokye and you will see what your vote in the 2000 elections has done. Very soon we will hear another Bambagate. September is another Trade Fair in Atlanta and the visa contractors in NPP have started issuing their promissory notes. Lucky ones will go, whilst others will be fooled. That is Kufuor´s NPP. Another beast in their midst, Edumadze, who had the guts to call Prof. Mills chamber pot. I ask myself, is that how far Ghanaian politicians can go? Edumadze is a disgrace to his family, because his family I know, are still Fantes, who want to keep their good name. Students who follow, Edumadze, the imbecile, should analyze things themselves, before making any further steps to him and his master, Haruna Esseku. If you are NPP member, do not resign, but as is the practice in advance democracies, you look at the candidates before you cast your vote. If you see the handicap of Kufuor in state administration now, you easily switch to Mills for a better Ghana at least for now. Later, when the Murderers of women and Ya Naa, the cocaine dealers and weed smokers are gone, you go back to reactivate the propertied party. Alajo has a lot of paid toilets belonging to IC Quaye. I ask myself; is it reasonable to vote for him again as MP, when as Regional Minister, he is protecting his property, so built no toilet at Alajo from the HIPC money. I say HIPC money, because, we are told, that money is for toilets. Ghanaians, give all these things a thought and decide better for Ghana. Amoo, Okerchiri Adusa, Osafo Mensah, Akoto, Agyapong Ransford, Osei Kufuor, Churcher, Boye and others I will mention later, do not deserve your votes again. Democracy in Ghana will thrive well, without them. Haruna Atta and his friends, are doing all they can, to return Kufuor, but tell them, not this time around. I have great respect for the Chiefs, but the constitution of Ghana does not allow chiefs to do politics. Asantehene represented Ghana in Holland during the anniversary of 300 years Ghana-Holland Friendship and Ghana Trade Fair in London. Under Kufuor, is Ghana a Monarch or a Republic? What happened between the Asantehene and the Mayor of south-east Amsterdam, where he did his collection from the cocaine dealers and the prostitutes, only time will tell. We are too Óver-respectful´. I hear there has been constant rainstorm in the Atima district and that, government is helping the towns involved. Please, those who know the history of Krobo near Ashanti-Mampong very well, under Gen. Afrifa, must watch this development at Nkawie and its environs closely. The Ashanti can be at it again. Rainstorm never hit Krobo, but it rained like it does in my village, but Afrifa made news went round that, Krobo has been hit by rainstorm and as Head of State at the time, built Krobo a whole village with you and I our money-that is the ´Osanteni´.(The mystery surrounding Krobo) Kufuor has no legacy to bequeath to this nation than pain and agony. Just last week, Rashid Bawa, Minister of State for Education and his New found land, was parting with over 60 million cedis cheap money, to over 350 people he had transported to Salaga to take their pictures from Nima in Accra ,when a poor 17 year old girl, was also hanging on a tree at Agbogbloshie, also in Accra. What was the cause of her death -school fees of 100,000 cedis. Yet Dr Sam Prempeh, the Moderator of the Presbyterian church, says God gave Ghana a good President like Kufuor. With that statement, I could know why there are fake Pastors in Ghana today. As long as he stays as moderator, I have advised myself. Come to the IGP Owusu Nsia, his behavior of late has created the impression that ,he owes an allegiance as person to Kufuor but not the Police Service to Ghana. Well, we will live to see if Afari Djan will behave like Owusu Nsiah or like the late Justice IK Abban of blessed memory. I salute you in your grave, for we are yet to see those who want to be remembered like you. To those who want to stand as independent candidates (both Presidential & Parliamentary) never be discouraged by the agents of NPP. They will come to you with money and other material things, but remember the destiny of this nation and its people present and those ones yet unborn, are more important than your personal gains. Others have joined their secret police and the rigging squad and they have assured me, they are going to expose them last hour. If you will fight at the peril of your life for true freedom and unity, then join me to tell the NPP. You have outlived your stay and prepare to be bid bye ,bye
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