Lead your wife and children to polling stations in 2024 to demonstrate the 'Do or Die' spirit — Former NPP MP to Mahama

NPP Lead your wife and children to polling stations in 2024 to demonstrate the 'Do or Die' spirit — Former NPP MP to Mahama

The former Member of Parliament for Manhyia North, Collins Owusu Amankwah has asked former President John Mahama to assign himself and his nuclear family to polling stations in 2024 to demonstrate the 'do or die' spirit.

According to him, Mr. Mahama is allowing his desperation to become president expose the violent nature in him.

In the view of the former MP, Mr. Mahama’s attempt to beat the war drums especially at this critical time of insurgency in the sub-region must not be entertained.

“He should be a polling agent, Farida and the other children and the former first lady should all be assigned to polling stations so that they can demonstrate the do or die properly to Ghanaians. It is high time we let people who think they are smarter than everybody know that they can only deceive some of the people some of the time but not all of the people, all of the time.”

Mr. Owusu Amankwah who is in line to becoming the Mayor of Kumasi told ModernGhana News that the former president is being hypocritical with his controversial comment.

In 2012, he noted, the retired Supreme Court Judge, Atuguba JSC said elections are won at the polling stations for which reason they ruled in Mahama's favour.

“When the Supreme Court then ruled in your favor, you supported them, but when you are no longer in power to manipulate anybody, you say you don’t trust them. Is there anything Mr. Mahama wants to tell us about his dealings with some members of the highest court body.
“Look at how he is now sweating to explain himself. Look at how they are running everywhere to explain themselves. Ive heard Mr. Mahama is an astute communicator, but why does he have slipups every time he communicates,” he quizzes.

He also expressed shock at what he called the “hypocrisy in the system” due to the silence of Civil Society Organizations and pressure groups over Mahama's comment.

He said almost all those who condemned the then candidate Akufo Addo for the 'All die be die' comment have kept mute over the 'do or die' comment.

“So where are the CSOs, the NCCE, Office of the National Chief Imam, CHRAJ, Christian Council and the rest who openly condemned then candidate Akufo Addo for the All die be die comment. I am now beginning to see the hypocrisy in this country.
“We want to hear them on this, if they see the statement to be good, they should come and talk, if they see it to be in bad taste, they should come out and condemn it, the future generation needs to be protected from such deceit from some politicians,” he emphasised.

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