4 More For Nana Is Not A Slogan But A Duty We Owe To God

Feature Article 4 More For Nana Is Not A Slogan But A Duty We Owe To God
DEC 4, 2020 LISTEN

It is not just 4 more for Nana, and it cannot be a mere vote for the NPP, neither can it be declaring support for the party of the many or the part you love.

This election is a sacred duty we owe our fatherland. To recreate hope, to allow children the opportunity to dream, to support the vision which gave hope to the hopeless and ensured that in Ghana the opportunity for equal and quality education is never a wishful thinking.

NDC keeps promising. They’ve promised to maintain FSHS but their continuing utterances to cancel double-track immediately, introduce Free Tertiary, yet with no strategic plan or intentions to do it give us a reason to worry about the kind of things people are bold to say to reclaim power.

This is why we must always defend this country from the diabolical promisers who are trying to destroy the hard work of individuals who had, nurtured and implemented hopes.

4 more for NANA is not just a slogan! It is a patriotic responsibility, a sacred duty we owe our fatherland. And so we owe it to our generation and those yet unborn... To recreate hope, and to reposition hope into a place where dreams come true for all.

We owe it to the millions of adults who had plans, talent and dream to be better placed in life academically but had no means.

We owe it to our younger siblings yet to rise to preserve the heritage of Free education. This is no more a fight to only vote against the NDC, it’s a fight to change Ghana for the better.

This election calls for reflection, and remembrance of leaders who were insulted, ridiculed and told their vision for students were not possible and that FREE SHS is dead on arrival. We owe such leaders a debt so enormous that we owe it to our kindness and appreciation to vote No. 1 on December 7. We owe it to our intelligence not to fall for lies from the peddlers.

In hope of restoration, we have to understand that Ghana is a place for us all. A land we love so dearly and holds a bright future for our generation. 4 more for Nana is a duty we owe to God who created visionary men. It is also a duty we owe our children and it's a duty we owe ourselves and our generation and the generation yet unborn.

But most importantly, we owe it to God to be people of peace and pray for peace and God-fearing leaders in this election.

Isaac Bawuah

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