Degree On Hold

Feature Article Degree On Hold
OCT 19, 2020 LISTEN

So when you look at all the negative impacts of having university closed, it’s reasonable to wonder if it is worth it to extend the closure.

When the spread of the virus started getting bad we closed schools. Why? To prevent community spread. When the spread of the virus started getting less, we re-opened school for a section of SHS students and Health students. Why then hold on reopening universities until January 2021 after the general election. When the university managements have shown commitment to reopen school?

KNUST proposed date for reopening school is 31st October 2020, and November 2nd was set for reopening of Legon students, subject to presidential directives on the Re-opening of Tertiary institutions.

Did the decision to extend the reopening stem from the science and data and efforts to control the coronavirus?

Officials and politicians are actively campaigning and planning for general elections, which would be held on December this year. It is true that the ever campaigning maskless crowd seeking politicians are the weakest link in the war against coronavirus.

There is no greater cross-section of society and probabilities of increased infection rates than political campaigns that disregard physical distancing protocol, and see it as a sign of defeat if the campaign fails to meet congested crowd.

Politicians are on a different planet from the rest of us as regards fairness. We are tired of being told about corona when politicians are busy campaigning. We need to see students in schools. Corona is no longer a threat if it is no longer a threat to political campaigns.

To get many students at home and closer to their polling stations to record high voter turnover in December election can still be achieved in school by opening transfer of votes.

Isaac Bawuah