Police brutality in NIGERIA, End Sars. The prolongment of the colonial police

By Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Opinion Police brutality in NIGERIA, End Sars. The prolongment of the colonial police
OCT 21, 2020 LISTEN

We've seen the marches against Police brutality all over the world. We've seen how countless of people wake up in the morning and choose to be police officers so they can bully, falsely arrest, hurt, assault and even kill people and get away with it. It seems the black person is the bounty. Being able to hurt a black person puts them in a whole fantasy state of mind. There are too many examples around the world of police brutality for me to not think these officers actually don't want a get out of jail free card to hurt other people.

We've seen the joy a police officer got from kneeling on a black man ( George Floyd's) neck till he died in America. Now we're seeing Nigerians bleed as they fight against police brutality. Africa did not have police officers before colonisation. Many tribes had traditional means of resolving conflict that were much more just than having corrupt police. When the colonisers brought the police to Africa. The job of the police was to criminalise and brutalise black people just for being black. To totally stop black people from gaining economic or social advancement. The job of the police was to murder, kill, falsely arrest, punish, charge, caution and bully black people and make them to submit to white people.

Unfortunately we've internalised that evil state of mind. That's why the Nigerian police have taken place of the former oppressive police force. I can write and go on social media in suppourt but I know as is the case with these things. The police officers will usually get away with it. I hope and pray that this time it's not the case.