Freedom is non negotiable,End SARs, End security brutality in Africa.

Feature Article Freedom is non negotiable,End SARs, End security brutality in Africa.

Nigeria youth has shown the world and the continent their furious and fierce distaste ate for bad leadership, police brutality and their frustrations over security crimes.The state of insecurity in the country over the years calls for the intervention of intense lasting remedy for the people of Nigeria especially the youth .This should exhibit in extension the continent in this vehement scenario of censor.

The federal republic of Nigeria and in extension the African continent must not force anarchy out of the law abiding youth.The state must protect its citizenry especially the youth toward a peaceful and prosperous future.We must work fervently to maintain peace, security and the glaringness future of our youths.The future belongs to the youth so there is no gain inflicting and unleashing fiery to the nations backbone who are the youth of today and the pivot of tomorrow.

Killing armless youth who persistently wallow in the brutality and injustice in the countrys domain was very absurd,wicked,unconstitutional and undemocratic. This is not called for and hence has exposed the leadership incompetence, absurdity insecurity,unpatriotism and the unableness of the government and the state to defend to shield her youth and the people by providing them with their constitutional rights and freedoms.

Is unconscionable for government and the security operatives to rise against the very ones they should be protecting.

What transpired in Nigeria is a strong signal of the awakening youth of Africa, fighting to redeem themselves from the oppressors rule."POWER TO US". Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah ones said

‘Freedom is not something that one people can bestow on another as a gift. They claim it as their own and none can keep it from them.’

The fragile and debilitating security systems in Africa have over the years failed,thus causing the biggest catastrophe to us, displacing lives and violating human rights.

This is considered as the highest threat to democracy and human coexistence. This is a delicate and more alarming issue that must be delved with inorder to bring peace and freedom to the masses. The censor and petitions of the masses must be welcomed for the betterment of all. This must not be a scuffle between Government and the masses but a peaceful agitation for the needful.

I call on the government and state agencies of the federal republic of Nigeria to condemn this act.Those who lost their lives in this protest should be given a state burial and their families compensated.The government should ensure peace and quality security and put an abrupt end to SARS and police brutality as soon as possible.

We need peace in Africa.
We need freedom and Justice.
Africa unite.
Economic Freedom Fighters of Ghana (EFF-GH).
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