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28.09.2020 Feature Article

Will The Availability Of Trump's Tax Details Make A Difference In The November Presidential Election

Will The Availability Of Trump's Tax Details Make A Difference In The November Presidential Election
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Finally, details of US. President Donald Trump's personal tax details, have become available - and, about time, too, many in the U.S., will probably say. The question is: Will that breaking news story (a New York Times scoop), perhaps be the very last episode, in the long-tale of the epic-unmasking, of a divisive Hypocrite-in-Chief? Finally?

To paraphrase an old wag I know: How dare this amoral tax-dodging-liar, and Hitlerite-racial-bigot-without-equal, have the gall, and audacity, to unleash the world's most powerful military force, on his country's civilian populatiion, when he even refuses and avoids paying his fair-share- contribution of taxes?

Particularly, when the American military happen to be truly exceptional armed forces, which for decades, have been a well--trained and disciplined, global-force-for-good, available at a moment's notice, to be effectively deployed, worldwide, to assist in natural disaster-rescue-and-stabilising missions? Haaba.

He must be made to pay for his perfidy, in prostituting the honour of a well-respected military, with such noble traditions - as if it were the personal-enforcement-tool, of the tin-pot-dictator, of a banana-republic-of-the-worst-kind. Monstrous.

Boot him out of office, this November, he must be - to end the daily mindless-tweeting humiliations, which he inflicts on what happens to be an exceptional-nation of diverse-ethnicity, which is a quintessential-melting-pot-society, drawing its strength from harnessing the never-ending energy it perpetually obtains, for it's rapid progress, from the manifold gifts and talents, of its dynamic rainbow-demographics.

Shame on him. He must be made to pay for all the back taxes due that he should have paid, as his fair-share-contribution, to the development of American society, but which he cunningly avoided paying, for decades. Most definitely not deserving of leading such a great nation. No. No. No. A tax-dodging-liar is definitely not fit to be the U.S. military's Commander-in-Chief. Period. Trump must go this November, for sure. Cool.

Kofi Thompson
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