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05.09.2020 Feature Article

Why My Body Will Be Donated To The University of Ghana Medical School - And What My Ideal African Woman Is Like 

Why My Body Will Be Donated To The University of Ghana Medical School - And What My Ideal African Woman Is Like 
LISTEN SEP 5, 2020

Someone asked me, a few days ago, why I have opted to donate my body to the Anatomy Department, of the University of Ghana Medical School. I laughed heartily and told him that it was my wish because I hated the idea of my body going to waste, in a grave, when it could be used for teaching purposes, which might help advance medical science, in Ghana. Cool.

Then he asked me - because I always say that in the war of the sexes, I am firmly in the camp of the female of the species - what my ideal African woman looked like? Again, I laughed heartily, and proceeded to describe, to him, what her appearance was, like, in my mind's eye, to him.

For starters, skin bleaching is abhorrent to my ideal African woman, who would also never (perish the thought) dream of either straightening her hair or wearing a wig of any kind. She sports her natural hair which is cut and kept low. Neither would she (perish the thought) dream of fixing claw-like artificial nails on her own nails.

And, she would never wear stiletto heels, but would always opt for shoes with sensible heels, of the kind worn regularly by the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Cool. And, most important of all, never use new-fangled-danger-laden stuff, to keep their holy-of-holies, clean and healthy, but stick religiously to good quality soap and water. Always. Cool.

Above all, Massa, we will never fall for any African woman, who did not treasure kaba-and-slit, ooooo, as her daily attire, wai. So there, Massa. Finally, my ideal African woman, is a highly-intelligent African-Amazon-Queen, who oozes self-confidence, is an achiever-of-note, and, a chaste woman who is also principled, and always guided by her moral compass, which is pretty solid and made of solid gold, spiritually. Cool.

Kofi Thompson
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