Funke Etti Refuses To Reveal Who Is The Father Of her Kid

AMEBO Funke Etti Refuses To Reveal Who Is The Father Of her Kid
FEB 23, 2014 LISTEN

Funke Etti is pregnant but the question has been who is responsible, which is a question that Funke is not going to answer until she has delivered her baby even though the media is hitting her with hard questions on why she is hiding this man from the public.

She said when asked about the father “I don't have any problems with the media. The only issue is when I delivered my baby, they wanted to know the father of my child and I don't want to tell them.”

What could be the reason? “The reason I don't want to tell them is this. If any media get close to your husband, I am sure, they will be the one to scatter everything because I learnt from Onyeka Onwenu. Though she is popular, you will never know the father of her child. Despite that, she still keeps going, I prefer that. I don't like to talk about my family but my job. I don't disclose my family to anybody. That is the best”

When asked about her hubby “My husband is not based here. he is based in America. He travels and comes back… I can't mention his name. I am not ready to, let us leave it at that. They have mentioned so many names that are not true. Why can't they leave me alone?

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