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AfroMod Trends Launches 'Nyornu' 2013 Collection

AfroMod Trends Launches 'Nyornu' 2013 Collection
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Ghanaian versatile creative designer Ami Yomkepe of AfroMod Trends has a lot to say about her new collection for 2013 which cuts across Casual, Chic, and Gowns for the trendy AfroMod woman. The collection which is called 'Nyornu' which means woman in her native tongue Ewe dialect. 'Nyornu' because the collection captures the essence and celebrates womanhood.

Earlier this year Adina Thembi Ndamse a Ghanaian songstress was also unveiled as the Brand Ambassador for the AfroMod Trends brand and she plays a key role as the face of the brand in 'Nyornu' photo shoot.

The collection which is suited for women between the age brackets of 25 - 40 years sees to change the look of the AfroMod woman this season. Ami tells us that the collection was inspired by her believe that fashion was not made only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them of their beauty and give them confidence. And she simply says Nyornu seeks to project class and elegance; traits of an AfroMod woman.

The highlight of the collection is the diversity and versatility of most of the pieces which balances comfort and luxury. These pieces can be either be dressed up or down to suit whatever occasion. The collection has 3 segments; the casual, the chic, and the gowns. In each segment, there are varied outfits to suit every palate.

She goes down memory lane to give us insight of how the collection was made, by starting from the casuals which include everyday wear like tops and skirts which can be dressed up with available accessories for a more serious look. The chic includes a wide range of classy dresses suitable for the office to social engagements etc. The gowns are elegant pieces which are red-carpet ready and will transform any woman into a classy diva.

Nyornu is a reflection of an AfroMod woman. She is strong but feminine, hardworking and force to be reckoned with; a woman who should be a source of inspiration.

This collection has pushed AfroMod Trends to expand its product base and enabled them to create out of their comfort zone and improved their services overall. AfroMod believes that this collection is a preview to what they are capable of in the future and will improve as they go on.

Ami is looking at inspiring the AfroMod woman through this collection. That is through values of class, elegance and virtue and she hopes this transcend beyond just the clothes to inherent values of every woman who is touched by 'Nyornu'.

Locate The AfroMod Trends Store @ No. 2 Troas Street, After Photoclub, off Oxford Street Osu, Accra. Contact 020 9638613

Photography: Sefa Nkansah
Model: Adina Ndamse
Make up: Sparkle n Shine
Hair: Shinells (OSU)

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