Wiccan Spells for Everyday Use

By Melanie Miller
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Hi there folks! I am going to give you many of my very own wiccan spells. I hope you cast these spells in your spare time, as you may enjoy casting them. Here are some of my spells I cast in the privacy of my own home.

First hand, build yourself an altar. It does not have to be extravagant or anything like this, something simple will suffice. You may use statues or figurines such as I do myself. I placed fairies and angels and a bell and a candle of my choice on the altar. If you do not own any nick knacks, you can always go to garage and yard sales or a consignment store will do nicely.

I found many candles at a consignment store for pennies, so to speak and a silver bell for a low cost. I myself, make voodoo dolls as well and you can make them out of clay or wax or corn dolls. You can read on the net or a book even about the occult or wiccan magick books to see how to make them. They are simple to make, or you may hand sew some of your dolls.

Here is a spell you may enjoy casting.
If you have a doll and you are needing to heal someone you may know then use the candle in blue or lavender as well, and carve his or her initials into the candle and place the doll at your altar as well. You may wish to take an ink pen or permanent marker and write his or her name on the doll, you made or bought, then next...ask a deity or God or Goddess of your selection and request that the friend or family member be healed. You may repeat this spell over and over again. Just recently, I cast a healing spell for a friend and used my blue candle with his name carved into it. You may do the same and ask Aphrodite, or Isis or even Thor.

There are many deities to chose from, so select the one you feel most comfortable choosing from. I said a healing spell such as this. "Goddess Aphrodite, please watch over and heal___ name withheld, my friend, as he needs healed soon...please do this for me my special goddess as soon as you can." I even asked her to enter my soul, and to fill the room with her loving embrace." I lit my candle and allowed it to burn for an hr. or so. You must always extinguish all candles after the spell is spent, and be sure, to place all your magical ingredients in a shoe box or box, and place under your bed for safe keeping or a closet. You can always redo this spell later on, the next day or next week even, whichever you wish or desire too.

If you need a career spell cast, then you may take a mojo pouch, and place witches burr, sea shells and a piece of paper with your name on it in ink, circle it three times(thrice) and then place inside your magical pouch. Also you can put berries and anything else you feel will help your magick as well. I usually use acorns and a witches burr. You can even place on a nail on the wall by your door for protection spells, against evil spirits. I have many mojo pouches in my home and filled with magickal items as well, and handed one to a friend and to my mate as well for luck and protection spells as well. I even bought a solid silver pentacle for my mate and he wears it proudly around his neck. I cast protection spells for my friends and family members alike. I did cast a spell for my books to become published and so far, I have four books published now. If you need to cast a money spell...then here is one to try...actually two money spells...I am giving to you to try dear friends.

Take a green or gold or silver candle and place on a desk, altar or by your computer even, and light it, as said be sure to extinguish all candles after each and every use. You place the candle on a desk or altar as said and lit it, and ask a god or goddess of your choice to bless your home or dwelling with money, and thank the deity each and every time after casting your bit of magick. Then you do this spell for 9 straight days, you should be receiving money soon afterward. may be a while but money shall flow your way.

Also another money spell or 'help me get rich spell" to try it placing coins into a glass full of water, place by your window or by a tree will do nicely, if you bury it still with the water in the cup or glass and leave it be. Do not go to this area for a while, do not disturb the spell. You may also try this spell. Get some playing cards and find the one with diamonds on a card as they represent money, then lay at your altar or desk or an old coffee table will suffice, and light a candle in green or gold or silver and be sure to carve your name into it and request a god or goddess to help you win money next time you gamble, or play the horse races, or however you gamble if you do gamble this is to say. I did a spell for my grandmother to win at the races an she won 200 dollars.

Now..that is not much but it is a start. Well folks, good luck with all the spells I have given you, I sincerely hope you try them and enjoy casting magick in the privacy of your own home. I did leave out a free lover spell, so will leave one last spell for you to try at home...Here goes!

For a lovers spell. Take a red and pink candle, carve your name and the one you wish to have come into your life and love you, you light the candles and allow to burn til the candle is spent, all done this is to say, place the wax under your bed in a shoe box and you can put your picture and if you have his or her photo too, also place under your bed. If you dream about this person wooing you, then you will know the spell will work soon. Keep on trying to cast this spell for many nights, and surely he or she will enter your life and wish and desire to love you and love you alone.

Good luck with your magick folks!
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have a good day....


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