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Feb 8, 2018 | Sports News

Controversial Coach Bashir Hayford Laments Over Poor League Calendar

Controversial Coach Bashir Hayford Laments Over Poor League Calendar

Veteran coach Bashir Hayford has reaffirmed Ebusua Dwarfs readiness for the forthcoming Ghana Premier League but lamented on the poor structure of the league calendar.

Bashir, who was in the dugout of the Crabs during this year's GHALCA G-8 competition, is yet to be confirmed as a substantive coach of the side ahead of the coming season.

The vociferous gaffer criticized the scheduling of the league fixture, insisting it makes it difficult for clubs to plan but he was quick to point out that he's will make the team strong when the league kicks off.

'They [Ebusua Dwarfs] never had the chance of going for pre-season, when we talk of pre-season, in Ghana we have a problem," he told TV3.

'Because pre-season is the period between the break and the start of the league. Sometimes you might not know the start of the league so, you become disturbed."

'I came and enquired and they said they had not done anything like pre-season."

'In fact, when I finished talking to the Big men [the club hierarchy] in Accra, they asked me to come and assess the team and see the strengths and weaknesses of the team," he stated

'I am blocking some weak places. People will see changes in the team when we start the league proper,' he said of Ebusua Dwarfs readiness.

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