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Mike Tyson Fights Roy Jones Jr. As They Go The Eight Rounds In A Competitive Exhibition Bout

By Daily Mail
Mike Tyson Fights Roy Jones Jr. As They Go The Eight Rounds In A Competitive Exhibition Bout
LISTEN NOV 29, 2020

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr battled out an entertaining draw in their comeback fight in Los Angeles before the former undisputed heavyweight champion 'Iron Mike' said he would 'absolutely fight again'.

The former superstars both showed flashes of their old brilliance in a competitive exhibition fight with the remote judges failing to split them after the full eight rounds.

Tyson insisted he would be open to fighting again at the age of 54 but Jones Jr appeared more reluctant when asked if he would step back in the ring.

Former heavyweight champion Tyson said: 'I'm just happy I got this under my belt and I'm going to continue to do more. Absolutely I would do this again. I'm just happy I could go eight rounds. Knockouts mean nothing, you have to be able to go the distance.

'I wouldn't fight professionally. I'm about this now, about being a humanitarian and helping people. I'm happy with the draw, I felt I won but I'm happy with the draw and that we entertained people.'

Jones Jr added: 'It's hard to say if I would do it again. I took some hard punches from Mike. I was tiring towards the end because of the body shots. We know as boxers that's what slows someone down.

'I need to talk to my family, see what they think. Thank you to everybody who sent us out the right way. If everything goes the right way and my family say it's alright, who knows.'

Tyson came firing out of the blocks in the first round, throwing hooks to the body and head with the intention of doing damage.

The slicker Jones Jr utilised his superior foot speed to evade much of Tyson's attacks though did take a solid right hand which momentarily unbalanced him.

Jones Jr stuck to boxing and moving, pawing with a jab and then ducking out of range as Tyson continued to march forward and throw wild hooks.

The fight began to get sloppy in the middle rounds as both men visibly started to tire. Jones landed a few decent shots of his own as he started to let his hands go a bit more in the latter rounds but it was his defensive work which at times was reminiscent of the old Jones.

Tyson showed huge will as he ploughed forward, throwing combinations to the head and body but struggled with the range and speed of Jones. He landed the punch of the fight in the sixth round though when he slipped a jab and countered with a lovely-timed left.

Jones took it well and done a good job of tying Tyson up for the last couple of rounds. When the final bell sounded it was relief from both men who showed great respect to each other by embracing at the end.

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