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27.03.2020 Feature Article

How To Preserve Life At This Time Of Pandemic

How To Preserve Life At This Time Of Pandemic
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Today I have been reflecting on the challenge facing the world at this time. The Pandemic and its consequences. But I am reflecting from a different viewpoint. I am considering our collective focus as a nation and groups of people under various governance structures. We want to preserve life, our lives and we go about it by shutting down all else to limit the spread of this thing.

I think that this strategy may not be right if we should reflect a little about the meaning of life itself. Life is purpose-driven. Our purpose comes from above, from our Creator and we grow to recognize it and fulfill it.

Of course, we have to strive to preserve our vehicle which is our bodies by keeping it healthy and nourished. But our purpose is not only to be alive but to live to fulfill our purpose for coming here. In order words, our life comes from outside our small brain but has a lot to do with our continued connection with our Creator who provides the core spirit of our life.

To all intents and purposes, we are here to serve our Creator. Just like the laborers sent to the estate of the Landlord to work. Each has a duty post. Whoever fails to perform his duty is replaced. So our lives have meaning in the purpose and that creates for us the most important, even more, important than all else. So it is not to be alive that brings us from that far to be on earth. Therefore in preserving life the most important is being at our posts so that the Creator does not see the need to recall or change us.

What I am getting at is simple. Locking down people to make them survive a health challenge may end up removing them from their posts assigned to them which truly constitutes their life. You notice that whenever a man retires, he does no longer live long except he involves himself in another equally relevant activity. So what really matters in life and even in health is the activity, not inactivity. Also since we are made up of split species, man must seek the other side and indeed everyone is interconnected to each other somehow through serving one Creator. People must remain connected to live a healthy happy life.

So policymakers must put these arguments into consideration when locking down everywhere at this time. They need to consider that economic activity has a momentum which when lost takes a long time to pick up again, so are human lives. So policies should carry an estimated period and must have incentives announced at the same time.

The other aspect of the approach of authorities that I have thought about aside from the focus is the spiritual implication of this focus on the challenge of negative standing. The fear generated means that instead of people looking upwards they are forced to look downwards and fixated to what is negative. By fixing on it through the media and information and via government enforcement of it, the people are inadvertently praying for what they focus on and it begins to manifest. Distance is no bar rear. Man is a magnetic being and attracts whatever it wants because It makes those things homogeneous to itself.

So either it begins to swallow all the literature to such a time that they become second nature and it is possible to translate a condition from China or Italy direct into your home. So you become more Chinese or Italian every day until you can have it sleeping in your parlour. An idle mind is a devil's workshop they say.

While churches and Mosques that help society to turn away from negativity to some measure of hope from above are locked down, the only focus now is how to avoid something in the air and everyone seems to have their own perspective of it. So instead of preventing whatever we increase it by law.

When we watch TV or social media videos, we can actually transport ourselves into the hospital beds in faraway China or Italy or America since the distance is no hindrance. So we keep spreading it with our government resources because we become like the physicians even though working at their posts who are most vulnerable because they know more of it. Maybe it is better to insulate the populace from it as a policy or allow them to use local remedies such as herbs to do their own treatment.

We need to bring back gaiety into the countries by understanding that the spread can be cut short more effectively if people are allowed to return to their duty posts and churches reopen to increase hope by looking upwards for the majority and to attempt to wipe away this single overbearing focus on what is negative. It is important that people should understand that life is not from us but from the Creator and we cannot preserve life by our intellect alone but also by being pleasing to the Creator through learning and acting upon his Will at all times.