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Man Created Hell

Man Created Hell
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I just want to focus on the question of whether God created all forms of suffering and Hell as part of His creation. I like to posit that this is not so. Man created hell and therefore the new necessity for the judgement through his disobedience of God's self-acting laws: The laws of the Holy Spirit.

Man is created by God as part of His creation. He is allowed to develop further in creation to become conscious stronger to bear the environment back home in Paradise. Creation is governed by God's laws. Just like any work, Creation is governed by some laws. Man is also subject to these laws as part of creation. It's like building a house. Each house has its style, nature representing the outlook of the owner.

It also has rules set by the landlord. Well now, in this case, we cannot see the landlord of this creation but we can recognise Him in His work. We have an idea of what He desires of us creature tenants by our making effort to study the features of this house known as creation. For instance, we are not expected to be destructive of this property in our conduct.

He sent Prophets and later on His son to teach us these good conducts and warned that such destructive sins will not be forgiven since they intend to bring down the house and are against the holy spirit the will of God which is the laws, the hands that built creation. To this end, man is here as in a school to learn to live within the laws that maintain Creation and subsequently after man's work is done, after having experienced here, and have become stronger, will go back home to Paradise where he originated. But man fell into the allure of Lucifer, the fallen archangel who instead of helping him to live harmoniously here on earth, introduced to him the wrong principle; that indeed man could make here his true home.

So man broke the laws that keep the whole creation existing and also jeopardised its maintenance as well as man's natural existence in it. What came out of this has been man's wrong direction, wrong desires, artificial human existence and development. Since man failed to complete the circle of his learning curve on Earth at the given time, he extended his stay and journey through suffering and wandering through by-pathways. To this end, man created Hell not just here on Earth but also in the beyond. This hell automatically became an additional school of learning after he has passed over into the beyond.

It is like a remedial school since the laws cannot be changed for anyone's sake. Since the return to Paradise he must as a natural consequence unless he wants to be lost in the coming disintegration, man has to have additional schooling to reset his mind to what is true. Nevertheless, he will have to reap the fruits of his earthly labour here. If the path he wove here was stony then his climb will be such. For some hell is made lighter while for others this plane may not exist at all. Indeed it is hell because man must reap what he sowed on this Earth before he is allowed to enter Paradise, ie until he has reached the right attitude through suffering. It is such a pity that coming generations now know hell as a fact because the hereditary sin of overblown intellect has made abnormal living normal thereby roping almost everyone to this damming path.

In essence, God does not know darkness or suffering but man once succumbed to the wrong principle of Lucifer and by applying his free will inadvertently create the hell and darkness that exists. It became worse in time with the disproportionate growth of man's intellectual portion of the brain over and above his spiritual portion. The cerebrum over the cerebellum.

It became the hereditary sin passed down over generations that make brain abnormality normal in our present world. It is this that legitimises suffering and brings hell even unto the Earth instead of the intended Paradise. God has no hands in it and the only man can help himself by *returning* to the right attitude through the right knowledge.

This is better done while he is still here on Earth for here progress is quicker. The right effort is to be undertaken by each individual for himself. No one is truly teacher to the other for it is your only way to survive in the new time. First, find out how this creation explains the will of God and determine how to conduct yourself in order to please God and properly preserve His creation. Find out those sins of the Holy Spirit that cannot be forgiven and how they are not being forgiven in our present circumstances.

Find out how is it that brain cripples are ruling the Earth creating hell both here and hereafter. Change your attitude now about where you should be going from here and how to get there. Help your children resist our present intellectual upbuilding in schools and you have stopped your contribution to the hereditary sin. Localise your children's education curricula.

Let your spirit guide your intellect in your daily conduct, not the other way round. Return to nature in all your outlook. Even in feeding and healing seek local remedies. Understand the reason you are born in a particular soil and not in another. Understand that life is not in our bodies or from any earthly authority but is lent to us from above, therefore, maintain a direct connection with your Creator at all times.

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