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01.01.2020 Feature Article

Imperialist elements or a liberation movement: a critique of the COP - Part I

Imperialist elements or a liberation movement: a critique of the COP - Part I
LISTEN JAN 1, 2020

In colonial Africa, the oppressors came directly to Africa to kill, divide, enslave and take away Africa's rich resources. In the period of Neocolonialism, Nkrumah said it will no longer be Europeans or Westerners coming to re-colonialize Africa but rather, the African themselves will be used to oppress Africans - we have read this well!

In the case of Liberia, any real struggle for justice must have at its front and center breaking the hold of US imperialism and it's multi-nationals as well as with the agenda of putting the country's resources at the service or in the control of the poor masses of the people. Is this the agenda of the COP?

When you make another man's country your paradise, he would use it in times of difficulties to extract huge concessions from you, even to the extent of making you break your principles and values. This is the case with folks from the COP: they value America and all of its fantasies in contrast to sacrificing for the redemption of the Liberian people.

It is a pity that people who lead COP are the first to quote Dr King, run their mouths widely about Gandhi and his resistance to the British Empire, cite Thomas Paine who was by all measures the leading theoretician of the American Revolution, verbally holding the coattail of Abraham Lincoln forgetting to know that he was the leader of the US during its heady Civil War and fought for the preservation of the Union.

Men in COP have got neither the spine nor the wherewithal to lead any serious struggle for transformation. These men display craven sycophancy to the US, got no serious agenda about making Liberia self-reliance. Their struggle is for naked power and not a total overhaul of the country. Because as we have been taught, people who are convinced about real change take the gamble and make supreme sacrifices. Only yellow bellies put their tails between their legs and run when the hour is ripe to make a decisive intervention.

Comrades, COP has not only betrayed the People but it has also endangered the many courageous and ideological comrades who put their lives online for the cause of the people.

While COP may have betrayed the people, we will keep struggling. No matter what Weah and others do, insofar as they are stealing the people's resources, we will continue to resist and get increasingly radicalized. We will be that resistance to Weah and others. They can scare COP, but not us; they can bribe COP, but not us. Our navel string is buried in Liberia; we bleed Liberia as the country is being devoured. We are fighting to end this nightmare. We can make this country a paradise. This is what we are fighting for.

We must STRUGGLE ideologically and unpromisingly!
About the Author
Ephraim T. Nyumah is a senior student of the University of Liberia; he is reading Economics and Demography. He currently serves as Secretary-General of SUP. He can be reached at [email protected]